Friday, 2 December 2016


New inspiration for the Monday evening Abstract class as there will be another exhibition,

More information will follow soon. Here already some colourful insights from recent evenings:

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Nude Model: drawing on Monday morning with Marina

Every other Monday Morning there's a life class in the Hangar.

We have a model for 2 hours and we draw him or her in different poses...

...very short (1 minute) poses, to warm up and then longer ones...
The pictures you see here are made during the last pose of the morning...

...when everyone is 'warmed up' and knows the model quite well.

I am so proud to see all these different styles......

and on each and every drawing you can see it is Véronique!

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Look what came out of the kiln

Another firing and new surprises !

On the left you see Tracy's mask when it came out of the kiln after the first firing. Tracy has used black high fire clay (1200 degrees) from Ceradel. While the clay is still moist she has painted on the white which is made from white high fire clay and water. The mask was left to dry for 3-4 weeks and was then fired.

The colour was added. Tracy has used various liquid clays - and in the hollow on the nose she added some mosaic pieces. The mask was  fired at 980. Finally Tracy added hair to the mask.

This is also a sculpture made from black high fire clay. After the first firing an extremely shiny black metallic  glaze was added and the piece was fired a econd time at 980 degrees.

Friday, 4 November 2016

Atelier Expression Artistique

Francesca gives another Atelier Expression Artistique on Sunday 20 November, from 9:30-12:30.Price 35 euro (30 euro with your own materials)


To discover the intimate relationship between colours, shapes and sounds, you're going to create while listening to different pieces of music, working alone and in groups. 
To express yourself there will be acrylic paint, crayons and oil pastels.
No artistic knowledge is required to participate.
Make sure you are wearing something comfortable - materials are included (you can bring your own and and get a small reduction on the price. The list of materials will be provided upon inscription)

Inscription by email or telephone:

Francesca Messina
Tél. 0787693950


Atelier dédie à la découverte de l'intime relation entre couleurs, formes et sons.
Vous pourriez créer en vous laissant aller à l'écoute de différents morceaux musicaux, travaillant individuellement et en groupe.
Mis à disposition de votre créativité il y aura la peinture acrylique, les craies et les pastels à l'huile.
Aucune compétence artistique est requise pour participer.
Prévoir une tenue confortable, les matériaux seront fournis (vous pouvez amener votre matériel artistique en bénéficiant d'une réduction sur le prix de l'atelier, la liste du matériel sera fournie lors de l'inscription à l'atelier).

Inscription obligatoire par émail ou téléphone :

Francesca Messina
Tél. 0787693950

horaires 9:30-12:30
prix 35 euro (30 euro avec vos matériel)
Lieu : Le Hangar – 310 Chemin du Ranch – 06740 Chateauneuf

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Look what came out of the Kiln

This week my congratulations go to a newcomer in the Thursday class - Frances.

Frances says she is a beginner when it comes to working in clay and has joined the class to learn. This is something we have all been through at some time. Tracy (functioning teacher) and Frances decided on an exercise that is fun and usually gives good results: - a mask.

The clay they chose was a high-fire black clay. Its easy to work with, it seldom cracks, it dries quickly and it fires well. After finishing the mask - Tracy suggested adding some white bits. This has 2 purposes - firstly the contrast to the black looks good and secondly - if you want to add colour, it's easier to have a pale colour underneath.

Here you see the result after the firing:

Next step was to decide on how to finish the project. The alternatives are many. Frances decided on going for acrylics. Most of the white areas were covered. In addition Frances added some bits of glass and an earring.

Now the mask is up on a wall. Doesn't it look great. 


Friday, 21 October 2016

Afternoon Abstract Class 24 October cancelled

La classe abstraite du lundi 24 octobre après midi est exceptionnellement annulée!
Appelle Pim pour plus d'infos

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

HANGAR AGM - Wednesday 26 October 7.30pm

For all Hangar Members:

Below the links to papers for the forthcoming Hangar AGM 2016.
The meeting will be held at the Hangar on 26 October at 19.30.
Afterwards a drink and a nibble!