Sunday, 16 September 2018


" JE M'APPELLE"................. ("my name is...")

SUNDAY 9:30-12:30

Through this workshop you will take a creative journey exploring your name.

Our name is a word with which we identify since birth, full of memories, energy and vibrations.
Our name is part of our deepest nature.
This sound has always accompanied us, is part of ourselves.
Through artistic expression it is possible to work in a creative and positive way on our own name and create a personal and artistic representation of it.
Another way to introduce yourself to others....

The art expression workshops are dedicated to the expression of your inner world trough different artistic technics: painting, drawing, collage and manipulation of clay.
Guided by selected themes, each time different, you will unfold and discover your own individual creative process, experimenting with colors, shapes and materials.
The workshop creates en environment of relaxations, self observation and expression, encouraging each person to experiece the pleasure of artistic creation, following his own intuition.
Adult group workshop.
Materials will be provided.
Registration is required.
Hours: 9: 30-12: 30
Sunday 23 september 2017
Place: Le Hangar - Arts Center - 310 chemin du Ranch - Chateauneuf de Grasse
Tel. 0787693950
email :

Friday, 7 September 2018

Preparations for the Open Day

There is an 'Open Day' in the Hangar this Sunday 9 September - from 13h30 - 16h30. 
We have drinks, nibbles, demo's and lots of information for you.

Nelly (Oil) , Pim (Acrylic and Drawing), Marina (Aquarelle and Life drawing), Marie (Sculpture), Francesca (Ateliers Expression Artistique) and Benjamin Baccarani (Cyanotype) will be happy to chat, demo and inform you about their classes. Of course we aim to show off to New People 
 Looks like this woman is interested 😚

Most of our members know the Hangar well - yet on an Open Day you have the opportunity to meet the other members and the other teachers! You can refresh your membership or sign up and talk to  the board members, the mayor of Chateauneuf and other important people of the community who will be there!
You will actually see what is done in classes you don't go to. 
Also you can meet a completely new teacher, who will start classes in the new season, Benjamin Baccarani
He is going to give a whole new class for the Hangar 'Cyanotype' which has to do with photography and paint and blue prints....I will soon dedicate an extensive introductory post to Benjamin! 

Also there is a Kids' Corner by Cassie and Tracy and last but not least, the mayor will officially reveal the Blue sculptures of the dancing men, once created by Christie Robinson, then repaired by Celina and her team, and now painted blue by Pim and Nelly:

We expect a full house and we'd love to see you there too! 
For any questions, email
or go to the Hangar Website

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Hangar Daytrip to Bargème

On 23 July, instead of having a drawing class in the Hangar, 10 enthusiasts went in 3 cars (and 1 bike) to draw the amazingly beautiful and quite unspoilt medieval village of Bargème.,
9am we drove away from the Hangar, along beautifully winding roads, going higher and higher because Bargème is on the top of the Route NapolÊon. - 1097m high to be exact!
Pim and Marina had promised everyone a beautiful view and great spots to draw - and they had not exaggerated:despite the blistering heat we all were in awe, of the ruins, the village itself,  the little streets with beautiful flowers everywhere and the breathtaking views! 
We all sat down in overshadowed spots, and started drawing... Lovely work was created, and the few tourists who were in the village all came to admire the artists! 
Around noon we met up in the lovely restaurant 'Les Jardins de Bargème'. They had created a 'light' menu for us, which tasted wonderful, but was on the heavy side with a starter, main and desert - and wine... But we enjoyed it enormously:
And afterwards we still had plenty of energy left for another drawing. Some of us even had time to give their drawing a 'wash' with a bit of colour...
We had a lovely second session, and then packed and went bck to the Hangar...
A top day had come to an end - and everyone was tired - but agreed it was wonderful. 

We plan to go there again in the second half of August... So watch this space -and your mail box- for more info.
Hoping you have a fan-tas-tic summer,
Marina & Pim

Friday, 27 July 2018

The Hangar Summer Schedule

The Hangar Summer Schedule for the regular classes

Nelly, Marie and Marina will simply stop in August and start their classes again in September, Pim has a customized schedule. Changes are in red. There will also be extracurricular workshops from time to time.

Watch your email, our Facebok page and the Hangar newsletter/blog for updates!

NB: If there is enough interest Pim and Marina will organise another 'Drawing Day Trip' in the second half of August, for you - and your guests.. Please inform us if you'd like to participate!

Life drawing - Marina
No Acrylics, No abstract

Oil - Nelly
Watercolours - Marina

WEDNESDAY 1, 8, 15, 22 and 29 AUGUST 
Acrylics with Pim

THURSDAY 2, 9, 16, 23 and 30 AUGUST
No Sculpture

FRIDAY 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 AUGUST
No atelier libre
SATURDAY 4, 11, 18, 25 AUGUST
Acrylics morning with Pim 

Drawing  morning with Pim
No Acrylics, No Abstract evening

TUESDAY 7, 14, 21 and 28 AUGUST
No Oil, No Watercolours

WEDNESDAY 8,15,22 and 29 AUGUST
Acrylics all day with Pim 

No Drawing, No Acrylics afternoon, No Abstract evening

Drawing morning with Pim
No Acrylics afternoon, No Abstract evening

No Drawing, No Acrylics Afternoon
Abstract Evening with Pim

Friday, 20 July 2018

Drawing Trip to Bargème Monday 23 July 9am - 4pm

We have 2 cancellations, so if you were interested to come with us for a great day of drawing, here's your chance!!

The Plan:
On Monday morning we gather in front of the Hangar (9am)

We drive to Bargème over the fabulous Route Napoleon (GPS to 83840 Bargème)
We sit ourselves down in the area, there is so much to draw:
The ruins, the quaint little streets, lots of perspective, the amazing views !

Instructions will be given ‘sur place’ – but if you have your own ideas, you are most welcome, we’d like you to enjoy this trip to the fullest!

We will have a fantastic lunch around noon in Restaurant ‘Les Jardins de Bargème’

We aim to be back in the Hangar around 4pm

The teachers’ fee is 40€ pp and lunch will be an additional 25€pp
Pim and I will take care of all materials, you only have to bring your folding chairs (let me know by mail if you don’t have one) and a hat/sunscreen/a parasol…
Pim and I look mega forward to seeing you!

Until Monday – and don’t hesitate to email me with any questions you may have…

Saturday, 7 July 2018

Important Info for Monday Evening (Abstract) classes Pim

The first two weeks of August, starting on July 30th the monday evening classes, from Pim, will take a summer break.
Classes resume on August 13th.
Have a colourful summer.

Sunday, 17 June 2018

The 2018 Spring Trip to Vigevano Part 3

The third and last day of the Hangar Spring trip was  a great success! We took our own cars instead of the taxis and went together to the 'Mulino Di Mora Bassa' 

That was an old water mill next to a museum with the 'Machines' of Leonardo da Vinci. Most of us spent half of the morning in the museum, with our lovely guide, who explained the working of the machines to us and made us realize what a brilliant man Da Vinci must have been. A painter, an inventor, an architect, an industrial designer, a physicist - a true 'Homo Universalis'

After the museum visit we positioned ourselves around the mill - and started drawing...

...the mill and other gorgeous spots...

 We had an excellent Pizza-lunch - and can I mention that Patrick had the biggest pizza ever (it had to go through the door on its side)
And then the group resumed drawing, with unstoppable enthusiasm!

As always we discussed the work during 'the line-up, with the Nartists present...

And here is a selection of the excellent work of that day!

















 Annie I

Annie II

There are many anecdotes, great photos and  more drawings! We hope we'll soon be able to organise an evening around this trip, that I still think is one of the best we have had sofar!!