Saturday, 24 October 2020

Portrait Class every Monday afternoon




Many of you know Marina Teding-van Berkhout from her fantastic Cold Wax Oil class on Friday afternoons. She has a new Hangar activity:  from Monday 2 November she will host a course in Portrait painting!!



Here are some details:

Starting MONDAY November 2nd Marina T. organizes a Portrait Painting class.
The focus will be on proportions of the head, features and skin colour mixing,while working on a personal portrait in your medium of choice. It can be watercolour, acrylics, pastels, charcoal, oil or cold wax, every medium is possible!

During the year long course we will be working on 


Construction of the Face
Features (eyes, nose, mouth, ears)
Grisaille technique
Color mixing basics
Zorn palette
Painting Children
Portraits from the masters (Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Modigliani ..)
And more

Monday afternoons from 14h - 16h30
Price: 20€ per session*)

*) Bring your own materials, Hangar Membership required

Sign up for this Portrait Painting course, in the medium of your choice via

Friday, 23 October 2020

Ceramics on Wednesday Evenings

Announcing a New Class in the Hangar:

Ceramics on Wednesday Evenings

We have a new teacher! Her name is Katy Des Fontaines and she is going to teach Ceramics. You will soon be able to meet her and her technique. Like in Marie's sculpture class, the material is clay - but it is definitely no sculpture that Katy is going to teach. In her class you will create interesting and special refined art with some special techniques. And of course you will learn all there is to know about glazing.

On Wednesday evening, 28 October, from 6.30pm there will be a try-out lesson, your free-of-charge opportunity to meet Katy and get hands-on experience on the materials, your preparation and an impression of the class.

This free workshop takes place in the Hangar.
You can sign up for 6.30 pm - 7.30pm and 7.30pm - 8.30pm
To sign up, please email Katy or the Hangar

The regular classes will start on Wednesday 4 November from 6.30pm - 8.30pm and you will receive more info about them later...

Sunday, 18 October 2020

Weekly Art Therapy on Thursday Evenings with Francesca!

From Thursday 29 October 6pm teacher Francesca Messina will teach a whole new class:

'Art therapy'

It's a cycle of 8 art therapy sessions to meet your inner world through different artistic techniques.
It is designed as an eight-step journey where each session will allow you to explore different aspects of your inner self.

You will meet your needs and your resources, letting yourself go to the wisdom of the 4 elements through artistic techniques such as drawing, painting, collage and writing.
In an environment of relaxation, joy and self observation  you will be invited to be simply yourself, in touch with your creativity and your intuition.

No artistic skill is required to participate. All materials will be provided.

To benefit as much as possible from the experience, it is essential to participate in the entire cycle.

The steps of the journey:
29 October My own trip
5 November The baggage
12 November Start the journey: Letting go
19 November Meet the Earth
26 November Meet the Water
3 December Meet the Air
10 December Meet the Fire
17 December Coming home

What we do:

*Relaxation and focus on the sensations of the body

*Creative work: According to personal intuitions, each participant freely expresses their own experience through different artistic techniques available.

*Feedback: At the end of the work you will enter in contact with the process of creation that you experienced and you will be invited to talk about your experience.

Time: Thursdays  - 18H -20H - from 29th October to 17th december

Price: 25 euro per session or 165 euro for the entire cycle of 8 sessions
(Membership of Le Hangar required)

Le Hangar - Centre des Arts - 310 chemin du Ranch, Chateauneuf de Grasse

Reservation and information: Francesca Messina 

Tél. 0787693950 or email:

Sunday, 4 October 2020

Josie's workshops on Saturday!

Last Saturday, 3 October, the second parent & child workshop took place and it was a well-visited, well-organized and fun afternoon, that could take place outside, how lucky were they!!  

In this second workshop, the activity was Painting! Young and old played with colour and expressed themselves freely with paint. They painted together, had wonderful results and a lot of fun! See for yourself:

The next parent-child workshop will take place on Saturday November 14th 2pm - 4pm and will be dedicated to Printmaking! Linocut carving, inking and printing… a fantastic way of creating an image.

Wanna participate?  Contact Josie via or 07 66 69 68 44

Sunday, 27 September 2020

PAINTING with COLD WAX MEDIUM (Friday afternoons)

Hello all art enthusiasts on the Cote d'Azur ! I just want to tell you that on Friday afternoons there is a fun class where we work with something called cold wax medium. You can use all forms of expression - some of us paint abstracts and others more figurative. Marina (TVB) is a real master and guides us on to make real masterpieces. I just wanted to post my latest picture

And this is all the stages it went through.

If you would like to have some fun - come and join us on Fridays at 14:00 at the Hangar.

Monday, 14 September 2020

The Hangar participation in the Forum des Associations Opio

 On Sunday 13 September The Forum des Associations took place in the Parc d'Opio: All Associations of our area gave 'acte de présence' and of course the Hangar was there too!

Around 10am it opened and teacher Oil and Cold Wax Marina Teding- van Berkhout, together with Print making teacher Josie Gallagher and board member/Aquarellista Judith Veraart promoted our Centre des Arts, to an interested audience.

Apart from  awesome examples of the work of their own classes, Marina and Josie had information about all the Hangar activities and examples of all classes.
There were amazing Prints created in Josie's class on Friday morning and some excellent examples of the Cold Wax oil paintings from Marina T's class on Friday afternoon,
And next to that there were sculptures, at least one very good watercolour (by Judith), oil and acrylic paintings and info on a diversity of workshops, one of them the parent-child workshop (by Josie).
If you missed it - have a look at the pictures of our stand. We will be there again next year of course!!

Saturday, 12 September 2020

Four Saturday workshops for parents & children by Josie Gallagher


Our beloved Printmaking teacher Josie Gallagher offers 4 exciting workshops, on Saturday afternoons, for you and your (grand-) kid! You will learn from each others' creativity, motivate each other and create wonderful results, with a vast array of materials. 

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Workshop 1: Drawing

Saturday September 19th 2pm - 4pm

Let’s learn to observe and understand different perspectives using pencil, charcoal and ink. And let’s take a closer look at each other while learning the basics of sketching a face.


Workshop 2: Painting

Saturday October 3rd 2pm – 4pm

Let’s play with colour and express ourselves freely with paint. Learn to work together through a number of action painting activities.


Workshop 3: Printmaking

Saturday November 14th 2pm - 4pm

Discover the linocut printmaking process together. Carving, inking and printing… printmaking is a whole new way of making an image.


Workshop 4: Collage

Saturday December 12th 2pm - 4pm

Let’s look back into art history and play together. We will work together to recreate and put our own twist on all those famous works of art.

 For more info contact Josie via 07 66 69 68 44 or


Notre professeur de gravure bien-aimée Josie Gallagher propose 4 ateliers merveilleux, le samedi après-midi, pour vous et votre (petit-) enfant! Vous apprendrez de la créativité des uns et des autres, vous vous motiverez et vous créerez de merveilleux résultats, avec une vaste gamme de matériaux.


Atelier 1: Dessin

samedi 19 septembre 14h à 16h

Apprenons à observer et comprendre nos différentes perspectives en utilisant le crayon, le fusain et l’encre. Puis regardons nous de plus près en apprenant les bases du dessin de portrait.


Atelier 2: Peinture

samedi 3 octobre 14h à 16h

Jouons ensemble avec les couleurs et exprimons nous librement. Nous apprendrons à travailler ensemble à travers des activités de peinture abstraite.


Atelier 3: Gravure

samedi 14 novembre 14h à 16h

Venez découvrir ensemble la linogravure. Cette technique comprend la gravure d’une plaque, l’encrage et l’impression. C’est une procédé unique pour créer un image.


Atelier 4: Collage

samedi 12 décembre 14h à 16h

Venez explorer et vous amuser avec l’histoire de l’art. Invitation à jouer ensemble et recomposer les plus célèbres œuvres d’art.

Pour plus d'infos contactez Josie via 07 66 69 68 44 ou