Sunday, 5 March 2023

Café Culture Cinema on Wednesday 8 March

On Wednesday 8 March 
from 7 pm (doors open 6.30 pm), there will be an exiting
Café Culture Cinéma!

The movie will be the highly praised 'Mr Turner', about Joseph Mallord William Turner, pre-impressionist painter. The 2h30 hour movie will be introduced by Marina Kulik (teacher Aquarelle and Life drawing - and big Turner Fan)  

and we will have a break 'in the middle' with a drink and a nibble.

We will show the version originale in English with french subtitles

We look forward to welcoming you. Your voluntary contribution to the costs of the evening is very welcome (there will be a courtesy box)


Friday, 10 February 2023

Hangar Café Culture with Valentine


Not a lot of you were able to attend the latest Café Culture, with our youngest and newest  'Mixed Media' teacher Valentine. unfortunately, because she gave an enthusiastic and vibrant talk about her creative experiences in life, through travel, adventure and serendipity. Which then led to an impressive production of  Murals in countries like India and Nepal, but also to other brilliant artworks. 
The attendees thoroughly enjoyed it all and I do hope Valentine is willing to do another version later in the year! She used time-lapse videos to take us with her in her mural-painting world, and showed the creation of big canvases with beautiful animals. One word - OK, three: worth every minute. You missed something! Here are the pictures:



To get in touch with Valentine or see more:

Musical Painting! February 10th, Mixed Media Class

 Musical Painting! 

February 10th, Mixed Media Class with Valentine Costes

Friday mornings 9:30am to 12pm


Today we did a "Musical Painting Class", by listening to different music we have different emotions, feelings, thoughts going on... our painting is changing depending on the rhythm and energy of the music... helps also to get more easily to our right brain, in the creative process.


There are many different techniques as inks or spray paint that let ourselves be more random with our paintings. It's also quite interesting to observe ourselves during the process because painting is a wonderful reflection of our current state of mind..!


We definitely felt, more than ever, how important it was to do a right brain exercise at the beginning of each class!

With this exercise it's also a nice way to learn new techniques and be more creative, without having something in mind and just let ourselves enjoy the process of creating!


To participate in the next Musical Painting sessions & Mixed Media Classes, email me to :


I will add you to the WhatsApp group to have all the info for each class.



Saturday, 4 February 2023

And the Hangar is in the News Once more...

Another nice article with the Hangar featuring! Lisa and Tatiana represented us -  the Armadillo by Jo and the breathtaking landscape by Helen nicely in the foreground. And mentions for the portraits, the skyscraper-builders and the landscapes. Participants can be proud to be part of this!


Saturday, 28 January 2023

The Hangar Expo "Inspirations Américaines" is now open!

 First of all - a big thank you to the board of the Hangar! They made this happen. The Hangar is active, 'out there' and successful in all respects because of Sylvie, Imme, Celina and Thecla. They work so hard to get things done (yes, with wonderful volunteers & the teachers). Super, and much appreciated by all the members!!

It showed, on the Saturday morning. The vernissage, offered by the mairie, started at 12h30 and despite the parking difficulties of almost everyone, it was chock full of people!

There were so many visitors, the artists themselves obviously, almost all teachers, the board - yet most in numbers were the interested people from Valbonne and  environs.

The  comments I picked up were very positive!
Visitors mentioned the quality, of the artwork and also of the (renovated) Salle St Esprit. They also commented on the talent of the Hangar artists, how colourful and uplifting it was, and how original!

Others were 'proud of us', 'happily surprised' and 'amazed by the variation'. I talked to several visitors who were interested in becoming a member of such an international creative community.

During the official opening, we listened to good -and concise- speeches of the maire, M. Cesaro and our president Sylvie Morlière. And then it was time for beautiful pizza and pisaladière and wine
 It was a very good Official Opening - that is over now, but the artwork stays, until Sunday 12 February. You can come in anytime between 11am and 6pm, every day except Monday, see and enjoy all that excellent artwork for yourself and meet the artists...

Friday, 27 January 2023

Getting the final touches! Friday 27th, Mixed Media Class

 Getting the final touches! 

Friday 27th, Mixed Media Class


Today we took the time to finish the paintings. Getting the final touches and refine what was necessary!

Was a perfect learning for knowing when to stop... and that sometimes by wanting to go too fast we have to do it again, then it's taking more time at the end!


We had the pleasure to welcome our new student, Glenda! Ready to discover more with Mixed Media!
(Maybe you are the next one? 😉)

That's the wonderful landscapes finished, or almost! I am really happy to see how each painting turned out, and mainly super happy of all the feedbacks of learning process I got!
Thanks to my students for being ready to learn new things and let go of mental.

 Happy to see you soon for our next class with MUSIC ! Listening to different music is totally changing our process and emotions through painting... that what we will experiment together.

For joining the class, email me to :

I will add you to the WhatsApp group to have all the info.


Valentine Costes


Tuesday, 24 January 2023

Weaving together - Tisser ensemble  

Last Sunday, for a whole day Le Hangar was immersed in wool and colors. Six textile experimenter have ventured into the discovery of the ancient weaving technique. At their disposal there was a wooden loom and lots and lots of wool, threads, fabrics and various materials.

Everyone was able to express their individuality by creating original and unique woven works, as unique is each person. 

After an introduction and explanation of the materials we started to assemble the warp.

After learning how to secure weaving we finally started weaving. 

Everyone chose their own material and set to work.  

Music and hot tea accompanied us.

Time passed very quickly and some participants were ingenious to create larger textures in less time using fabrics and coarse wool.

I explained different ways of weaving and different knots, the most appreciated was the Rya knot which allows you to create nice fringes. 

I was extremely impressed by the diversity of the works produced. My intention was to give the basic notions of weaving and to let everyone's imagination run wild. So it was! 

Everyone has expressed a lot of himself through the choice of materials and colors following both a visual need and a tactile need.

The beauty of textile work lies precisely in the addition of the tactile stimulus alongside the visual one. The tactility of the materials becomes in fact a real symbolic representation of feelings and ideas.

The next atelier will take place on March 5th at le Hangar, we will learn to weave on the circular loom!

If you are interested in textile art, write to or call me at 0787693950

as I organize workshops on request.

Francesca Messina

Visual and textile artist, art therapist.

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Dimanche dernier, pendant toute une journée, Le Hangar a baigné dans la laine et les couleurs. Six experimentatrices textiles se sont aventurés à la découverte de la technique ancestrale du tissage. 

A leur disposition, il y avait un métier à tisser en bois et beaucoup, beaucoup de laine, de fils, de tissus et de divers matériaux. Chacun a pu exprimer son individualité en créant des œuvres tissées originales et uniques, comme unique est  chaque personne. 

Après une introduction et une explication des matériaux, nous avons commencé à assembler la chaîne.

Après avoir appris comment sécuriser le tissage, nous avons finalement commencé à tisser. 

Chacun choisit son matériel et se met au travail. Nous etions accompagnés de la musique et du thé chaud.

Le temps a passé très vite et certains participants ont été ingénieux pour créer des textures plus grandes en moins de temps en utilisant des tissus et de la laine plus epaisse


J'ai ensuite expliqué différentes façons de tisser et différents nœuds, le plus apprécié étant le nœud Rya qui permet de créer de jolies franges. 

J'ai été extrêmement impressionné par la diversité des œuvres produites. Mon intention était de donner les notions de base du tissage et de laisser libre cours à l'imagination de chacun. Donc c'était ça!

 Chacun s'est beaucoup exprimé à travers le choix des matières et des couleurs suivant à la fois un besoin visuel et un besoin tactile. 

La beauté du travail textile réside précisément dans l'addition du stimulus tactile au visuel. La tactilité des matériaux devient en fait une véritable représentation symbolique des sentiments et des idées.

Le prochain atelier aura lieu le 5 mars au Hangar, on apprendra à tisser sur le métier circulaire !

Si vous êtes intéressé par l'art textile, écrivez à ou appellez le 0787693950

car j'organise des ateliers sur demande. 

Francesca Messina

Artiste visuelle et textile, art therapeute