Friday, 4 October 2019

Kisses in Aquarelle

Love it or hate it, almost everyone knows this painting 'The Kiss' by Gustav Klimt. Which makes it so very much suitable for the 'create-your-own-interpretation-not-a-copy' subject. And that's what the Watercolour group (the Aquarelistas) did last week. And although most Aquarellistas are not too fond of it, they were certainly interested to give it a try...
I created 3 examples of interpretations: my kiss, my colours and my abstract. And here below are the results of a couple of hours of hard painting, you'll definitely enjoy all those completely different versions!

 Vanessa mainly used the painting to achieve the same colour scheme. It is almost finished - the floor still needs a bit of sap green and then it will be nailed!

 Jutta created this loving and very sweet version. It looks a bit like a Mamushka doll and I find it fantastic as an interpretation and in atmosphere!

Hélène is not a fan of the original, and created an abstract kiss that really looks like a kiss - but does not resemble the original 😝

Such an original take on the painting by Bev. The couple is so relaxed and looks ready to kiss. And woman on top!

Wet-in-wet kiss by Judith. They float above ground and remind me of the floating lovers of Chagall.

 Awesome version by Liz! she changed everything and still you know immediately what this is based on. Super!

Anna-Karin has done such an amazing job on her painting. It is close to the original in colours, but so different in atmosphere, it is so tender. Love it!

Beautiful in every respect, this blue-tone, well thought-through version by Sue

Maud's version, to be finished in the coming days. The character will come when the blushing faces are added!

Wanna joinn us? The watercolour groups get together on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons (2 - 4.30pm) in the Hangar. The fee is 20€, materials (W&N paint and Arche paper) included. There is always a subject, and a starters program for those without experience. If you are interested: the Tuesdays are pretty full but on Thursday afternoons there are a couple of slots. Mail to for more information

Monday, 16 September 2019

More Pictures of yesterday's Benefit Lunch

Many thanks to Imme for the first batch in the previous post !! She was absolutely right, it was a fantastic meal, in the best company!
Curious how much it yielded??
As soon as we know more about the proceeds we'll keep you 'posted'😊
Also, if you have taken interesting pictures, could you send them (small or medium sized) to We'll publish them in that post...
Thank you so much in advance!

Sunday, 15 September 2019

Hangar lunch today was a big success!!

Dear All, the lunch today to raise money for repairs on our Hangar building, was a delight !

Grand success aujourd'hui au lunch au Hangar !

Great Thai food, plenty of drinks, perfect  service and above all
Great ambiance!!
Super ambiance avec de bonne Thai cuisine, plein a boire et tres bien service.

merci, merci

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Pastels on Thursday Afternoons

From Thursday 19 September, there will be a Soft Pastel Class on the Thursday afternoon from 2 - 4.30pm, hosted by Marina Teding van Berkhout (Marina T). (This Soft Pastel class and Marina K's Watercolour class will share the space)

Pastels are fun and vibrant! Soft pastels are easily blendable, and can be blended with your fingers, a blending stump or a cloth. Unlike the process of painting, the colours are mixed directly on the paper and the colours that are produced, are wonderfully intense.

In this class we will work with soft pastels and pastel pencils. The objective is to introduce you to this beautiful medium and/or to improve your pastels techniques of blending, colour mixing, layering etc.
 Whether you are new to pastels or experienced, this class will have interesting features for you.

Please bring your own set of pastels, Marina T will provide paper and pastel pencils.
The class fee is 20€
Interested? Reply to this email for more info or to subscribe!

Marina T is a full time artist, who teaches not only in person but also online ( Her paintings are bought by collectors from all over the world.

Friday, 6 September 2019

Francesca's Sunday Workshops will start again on 29 September

Francesca Messina's popular workshops 'Artistic Expression and Personal Development' workshops will resume on Sunday, September 29th.

They are monthly workshops (except in March when there will be two and none in April), always on Sunday morning from 9h30 - 12h30
For the autumn, she propose a workshop on "letting go" in the creative process. You will work with painting, drawing and collage according to your creative intuition and how you feel at the moment.

For your agendas: the dates to reserve are Sundays 29/9 - 13/10 - 17/11 - 8/12 - 12/01 - 16/02 - 8/03 - 29/03 - 17/05 - 7/06
This info is also in the brochure that will be available in the Hangar.

If you need more information you can get in touch (in French, English and Italian) with Francesca via:
Tel. 0787693950
email :

Thursday, 5 September 2019

On Friday afternoons: Oil Painting for starters - with Marina T

From 13 September, there will be an Oil Class for starters on the Friday afternoon from 2 - 4.30pm, by Marina Teding van Berkhout (Marina T)

The class is meant for those who want to learn to paint with oils. The objective is to familiarise yourself with oils.You will discuss and practice how to build up a painting, which mediums to use, different oil painting techniques, colour mixing, value studies and more.
After the initial fixed program, you will be free to paint your own subjects -or participate at the ‘subject of the week’.

Bring your own materials like paint brushes, oil paints and support (canvas, oil paper or canvas board).
If you don’t have oil paints or brushes, don’t buy any yet: Marina T will bring hers and she will discuss the best colours and brushes to start with.
There will always be ample supplies of turpentine, medium, gesso etc.

The class fee is 20€ pp

NB: For those of you, interested in discovering the wonderful world of painting in Oils and Cold Wax medium, you are most welcome to join us! While working on your own subject, Marina T will show you how to create beautiful textured background and layers. Bring your own materials (oil paint, support, cold wax, palette). Cold wax medium can be bought from Marina T and she will bring her bowl scrapers, mark making tools, stencils and pigments.

Marina T is a full time artist, who teaches not only in person but also online, Her paintings are bought by collectors from all over the world.

If you are interested in this class or would like more information, drop Marina T a mail via