Thursday, 30 July 2020

The Hangar Summer Schedule 2020


* Pim
will give all his classes as usual - donnera tous ses cours comme d'habitude
•    Drawing and Abstract (PM and evening) on Mondays 3,17 and 31  August
•    Dessin et abstraite (aprèm et soir) lundis 3, 17 et 31 Août
•    Acrylics on Wednesdays
•    Acrylique les mercredis
•    Acrylics  on Saturday mornings
•    Acrylique les samedis matin

* Nelly
will give her Oil class as usual on Tuesday mornings - donnera ses cours de l'huile comme d'habitude les mardis matin

* Marina K
is closed in August. No watercolours, Acrylic Experiments or Life drawing until 7 September. (more info follows)
est fermé en août. Aucune aquarelle, expérience acrylique ou dessin Modèle avant le 7 septembre. (plus d'info suit)

* Marie
Has her last sculpture class on Thursday 6 August and starts again on Thursday 10 September
A son dernier cours de sculpture le jeudi 6 août et recommence le jeudi 10 septembre

* Josie
Will start her Print Making Class again on Friday September 4th
Recommencera son cours de gravure le vendredi 4 septembre

* Marina T
Last Cold Wax and Oil class on 31 July, first on Friday 11 September
Dernier cours Cire Froide et huile le 31 juillet, premier le vendredi 11 septembre

Wednesday, 29 July 2020

The last Life Class before the summer break

Every other Monday there is a life class, with a nude. In these corona times it is a bit harder, because there has to be distance, groups can not be too big and we need to wear facial masks. But we make it work and it is quite representative for how the Hangar.rolls.

Last Monday had a bit of 'Murphy's law' over it, when the proudly announced model Marie-Jo didn't show up. It took some time to find out (also models are sometimes stuck in traffic) and Marina posed for the warming up (6 poses of 1 minute). Then Marie-Jo called back to say that she was too sick to come... And Marina also posed for the second part of the warming up, while on the phone with alternative models.

'Woman on the phone' drawings by Ina and Kate

And during the slightly longer pose (woman with phone yet again 😄) we got the redeeming call from Josie that she would drop off the kids, hurry to the Hangar to be there for the long pose. Fantastic and forever in your debt Josie! In the mean time also Marie-Pierre volunteered to sit, which she did perfectly...

'Woman in stripey T-shirt and shorts' drawings by Ina and Kate

AFter that we had a lovely break outside, with Marie-Pierres fab last-session cookies, Josie arrived and we took it from there: One long pose, hard for the model, but giving us all the time in the world to observe, estimate, draw shadow and light and even have a resemblance!
Here are the results:

The life drawing class closes until September. If you are interested, put yourself on the mailing list by sending a mail to the Hangar email address
Happy Holidays!!

Wednesday, 15 July 2020

The Drawing Trip to Coursegoules was a success!

In the morning of 10 July, Patrick, Kate, Brenda, René, Ina, Anna and of course Pim and Marina departed 9am sharp from Le Hangar, for a drawing day in the lovely village of Coursegoule, in the Pré-Alpes, behind Vence. It was around an hour drive, and more than worth it! So picturesque, beautiful colours, gorgeous trees, views and very nice villagers, who were al interested and a good audience...
And a wonderful restaurant Le P'tit Creux, where we had our morning coffee (thank you Patrick!!) and later our lunch, a Breton experience, new for most of us, with Galettes Sarrasin, filled with amazing goat cheese, raw ham, fresh veggies and more.Combined with healthy smoothies for some and rosé or red for others, it was a perfect lunch.

Here are some pictures of the group and then of the drawings that were created!:

The Restaurant was a lovely starting point... (The 4th picture shows Pim with his p'tit crêpe chocolat  during lunch 😀) We had a coffee and then moved to the village square ...

We sat down and, to warm up the muscles, drew several typical elements of the village, doors, the tower, and the beautiful trees

After an excellent lunch, all went back to drawing other parts of Coursegoule, the church for instance turned out to be inspiring. As you can see below:

We had a wonderful and interesting day, and as you may derive from the pictures, all participants were happy and felt that it had done them good. Pim and I are probably organising one more short trip to a lovely location nearby!
After the summer there is the 4-day autumn-trip to Castiglione del Lago in Italy,

If you wnt to come along - there is plenty of place still! Subscribe via your teachers. And watch your email...

Friday, 3 July 2020

Drawing Day Trip to Coursegoules on Friday 10 July

On Friday 10 July Pim & Marina organize the first 'mini trip' of 2020!

We will go to the village of Coursegoules, where we will draw and paint subjects like the valley, the view on the village from a distance and the village itself.
Coursegoules offers many possibilities!

The trip will cost 40€ per participant, this includes all basic materials.

We'll have a lovely lunch together for which you should reserve around 20€.

If you'd like to join us, email us and you will receive a confirmation and more details.

We hope to hear from you!

Friday, 12 June 2020

Last chance: Exhibition about Aboriginal Art in Valbonne

Those of you who attended the last Café Culture in March, about Aboriginal Art, will certainly remember the gallerist who gave the presentation and taught us about the beautiful way these artists create.
Céline Emery-Demion promised us an exhibition, with new works and then COVID happened andthere was no exhibition, but until Sunday 14 June, she shows some new works under the title ' Mémoire Aborigène'. I was there today and I loved it. It is always great to talk to Celine, she knows so much about the art - but the works were striking even without explanation.

Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 June it is still open - and because it rains I'm sure you will have the opportunity to enjoy it, and have a chat with Céline about what it all means, in the warm and dry space...

Where: Casablù in Valbonne, Rue Eugène Giraud
Open: from 10 - 19h

Highly Recommended!!

Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Le Hangar Presents: Els Bemelmans-van de Schoot

From 15 March – 11 May 2020 Le Hangar was closed because of the Corona Crisis. Teachers and Board missed the members as much as the members missed the Hangar – and to keep everyone ‘sharp and involved’ we organised The First Hangar Art Contest. There weren’t many restrictions, participants had to be Hangar members and the works had to have size ‘Raisin‘ ( 65x50 cm) or smaller.
All techniques were welcome – and the theme was ‘MUSIC’. 
After an exciting race with submissions of an amazing quality, there was a first selection of 16 artworks by the jury (the teachers).
This selection was followed by a ‘public’ vote for the actual first prize and the Winner of the First Hangar Art contest was ‘the Dutch swing college band’, an oil painting by Els Bemelmans-van der Schoot.
Apart from the great honour, the winner receives an official certificate (to be issued during the vernissage of our ‘Music’ expo) and a well-deserved amount of publicity.
To start with this blogpost
Who is Els Bemelmans and where does she come from…
Els (76) was born in the city of Tilburg in the Netherlands. She is married to Berry Bemelmans, has two children and five grandchildren.
Now retired, she worked as a teacher with a Montessori grade and has done a fair amount of volunteer work in health care. Her husband Berry worked internationally and in 1971 they moved to Paris France. From there to Pittsburgh U.S.A and in 1983 they returned to the Netherlands.
During their time abroad they always kept a holiday home in the Netherlands, until they replaced that in 1995 for a holiday home in Valbonne, where they spend about one third
of each year. Their permanent residence is in ‘s-Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands.

Els truly enjoys her time in Valbonne, especially with the family and she also loves to travel to other parts of the world, playing golf,  cycling and of course, painting...

What is Els’ relationship with the Hangar
“My father was a professional photographer and as a child I often sat with him, observing and being fascinated by his work. This  consisted of retouching work and also colouring black & white portraits with pencils . I was fond of making drawings and paintings. As a tribute to my father I sign my paintings with my maiden name: van der Schoot.”
About twenty years ago she started drawing classes with charcoal and pastel and she soon discovered that her real vocation was portrait drawing.
She consequently followed portrait courses during 8 years. She worked with models and used pastel and acrylic.
Els discovered Le Hangar ten years ago and started following Pim de Jongh’s courses. She loves the abstract experimental work:
“where the composition is important but it is the free expression, when it hits you, that is the ultimate surprise and gives enormous satisfaction. It is totally different from the portrait style which feels very natural to me.” 

Since last year Els also participates in the oil painting class of Nelly van Hijfte, which stimulates her to discover new techniques.
Her recent work is realistic, impressionistic  with a free touch:

“Painting for me represents the  beauty of the images in my head, which I can put on the canvas.  I also love to experiment with colours
In general I admire the impressionists and artists like Kees van Dongen, Sorolla and David Park. They inspire me through their composition, colours and strength of image.”
About Els’  winning painting
‘The Dutch Swing College Band’, the prize-winning oil painting, was created during the Corona lockdown in her home in the Netherlands. She really appreciated the idea of the Hangar to organize this contest and with the subject ‘Music’, Els took her inspiration from fond memories during her times as a student.  She listened to their jazz music and danced into the night.
She has done an excellent job, as the jury report says this about it: “it captures the warm and energetic atmosphere of the scene really well. I want to be there!”

The Hangar Board and the jury as well as all those enthusiastic voters, all congratulate Els on her first prize and hope she will continue to create her paintings in France and Holland for a long long time!

Friday, 22 May 2020

The Hangar Art Music Contest: The Jury's favourites

Here are some more details about the results of our competition, as well as the Jury report.

The participating artists had 8 nationalities (French, Dutch, British, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish, Australian and German)
They worked in 6 different techniques (mixed media, acrylic, oil, watercolours, drawing and digital).

After the deadline, the teachers had the first vote and they selected 16 artworks.

Then it was the turn of 'the public'. A total of 132 votes was cast and we received votes per mail, Instagram, via Facebook comments, blog comments and then some voted by Whatsapp, text messages and phone calls. The Hangar crowd is really living in the now 😛

And after an exciting end-race, 'Dutch Swing Collega Band' by Els Bemelmans won the public vote!
The Jury had their favourites too. Have a look below - and read their comments

Marie's favourite: 'La dame blanche' par Marie-Pierre Scarton
 "En rapport au thème, jolie composition en technique mixte - Harmonie et légèreté musicale !!"

Pim's favourite:  'Let the Music Dance' by Nicolette Scouten 

"A fun and original painting with a clear line and graphic style"

Marina and Josie's favourite: 'Pandemi" Opus 1 by Anna Karin Fast
Josie: "Because of its simple colourful beauty that really captures what music would look like if we could view it."
Marina: "For me this painting represents the desperate cry and chaos that is caused by the current pandemic, and music is a means to both soothe and bring structure."

Francesca's favourite: 'Summer Guitar' by Cathie van der Stel
"What an original way of having a guitar both on the horizon and as a horizon. It is so soft and delicate"
Nelly's favourite: 'Quartet Masks' by  Eliane Cuziberto

" I love the bright colours,it is a clear image and it has a good dose of humour"

Marina Teding van Berkhoudt's favourite: 'Nocturne' by Gordon Mellor

"Beautiful contrast, well executed and a clever combination of music, comforting in times of lockdown, playing inside and not allowed to go out."

And of course the public's favourite: 'Dutch Swing College Band' by Els Bemelmans

 "It captures the warm and energetic atmosphere of the scene really well."

We look very much forward to seeing these - and all the other excellent works for real - when we have our exhibition! 

Thursday, 21 May 2020

The Hangar Music contest: The Free Membership Lottery

Today, at 3pm, notary Judith Veraart – witnessed by clerks Cathie van der Stel, Sue Bateman and Marina Kulik*) performed the drawing of the lottery for the free 2020/2021 Hangar membership!

 We used a sterilized Ikea bowl with thumbnails of the images of all the participants of the contest

Folded them neatly

And then Judith (who had not participated and was therefore completely unbiased) pulled out one and it was ….

‘The Piper’ by Liz Douglas

Congratulations Liz – enjoy your free membership next year!!!
Your information is forwarded to the treasurer and the member coordinator.

*Marina, self-proclaimed experienced video editor, switched the camera off when the draw took place and recorded afterwards. So unfortunately there is no record of the above.Luckily we have the pictures 😊

Wednesday, 20 May 2020

The Hangar Art Music Contest: The RESULTS

The past 10 weeks, we could not come to the Hangar, have fun and be creative together and inspire each other! It has been hard - but since today we can go their again. A good moment to present you the results of the Big Hangar Music Art Contest!

The counting is  finally finished. It was a lot of work, with people voting by mail, facebook, Instagram and the blog, and we needed to check for doubles.

Of all the excellent sent in artworks, 16 were selected by the jury (the Hangar teachers).
After that, the Hangar members could vote for one favourite.

All artworks had at least 2 votes.

A total of 132 votes was cast

We received 74 mails, 15 instagram votes, 15 Facebook comments, 2 blog comments and 24 other votes (by app, text and phone)

48 voted for a Watercolour
42 Oil
17 Mixed media
14 Drawings
11 Acrylic

OK OK OK - you want to know who won...

That was, with 26 votes, the oil painting 'Dutch Swing College band' by Els Bemelmans! Congratulations Els! We will soon get in touch to create publicity about you and your work, and of course your painting will get the best place in our in-Hangar Music-exhibition.

Ex Aequo in second place are 'La dame blanche' by Marie-Pierre Scarton and 'La Musique, c'est la Vie' by Sylvie Dargery. Right after them - 'Pandemi Opus 1' by Anna Karin Fast...

Sunday, 17 May 2020


 Le Hangar ouvre à nouveau ses portes à partir du mercredi 20 mai

  Il est très important que tout le monde respecte et comprenne les règles - les voici donc à nouveau!
-          Maximum par cours : 9 membres en même temps (+ professeur).
      Les membres doivent donc impérativement s’inscrire à l’avance auprès de 
      leur professeur. 

-          Espace entre les membres/les chevalets : 1,5 mètres minimum.                               
       En cas de mauvais temps, l’intérieur du Hangar peut prendre 9 personnes
       respectant la distance obligatoire. Il ya en plus l’espace couvert à l’extérieur,
       et l’espace habituelle devant la porte d’entrée. Pas de problème donc pour garder  
       nos distances.

-          Professeur/responsable : il /elle veillera que tous les points stratégiques (poignets des portes, WC, robinets , chaises, chevalets…) seront désinfectés 3x par jour
Du savon /du gel hydro-alcoolique sera mis en place aux endroits stratégiques (robinet à l’extérieur, toilettes, lavabo cuisine…). 

-          Participants: chacun devra amener son propre matériel (peinture, pinceaux, crayons,  support, etc.), et désinfecter le chevalet sur lequel il/elle  travaille en fin d’utilisation .  Ceux enrhumés resteront évidemment à la maison.

-          Port des masques et des gants et se laver les mains fréquemment au robinet dehors/dans les toilettes :  fortement recommandé pour tous. Chacun amène son propre gel hydro-alcoolique (il y en aura aussi au Hangar).

-          Repas /boissons : il n’y aura plus aucun repas en commun. Vous pouvez amener votre snack… Il y aura du café/thé, mais le/la professeur est seul(e) à pouvoir aller dans la partie cuisine pour prendre les tasses, les mettre en machine, les remettre à leur place. 

-          Les nouvelles règles seront affichés au Hangar..  

-          Il est clair que chacun est tenu à respecter ces règles, et est responsable de sa venue et de ses actes. Ni le Hangar ni la Municipalité pourront être tenu responsable si un cas du virus devait se déclarer….