Monday, 14 September 2020

The Hangar participation in the Forum des Associations Opio

 On Sunday 13 September The Forum des Associations took place in the Parc d'Opio: All Associations of our area gave 'acte de présence' and of course the Hangar was there too!

Around 10am it opened and teacher Oil and Cold Wax Marina Teding- van Berkhout, together with Print making teacher Josie Gallagher and board member/Aquarellista Judith Veraart promoted our Centre des Arts, to an interested audience.

Apart from  awesome examples of the work of their own classes, Marina and Josie had information about all the Hangar activities and examples of all classes.
There were amazing Prints created in Josie's class on Friday morning and some excellent examples of the Cold Wax oil paintings from Marina T's class on Friday afternoon,
And next to that there were sculptures, at least one very good watercolour (by Judith), oil and acrylic paintings and info on a diversity of workshops, one of them the parent-child workshop (by Josie).
If you missed it - have a look at the pictures of our stand. We will be there again next year of course!!

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