Monday, 21 January 2019

Next Workshop Artistic Expression about and with CLAY

Francesca's next workshop is dedicated to clay and takes place on Sunday 24 February in the Hangar! Great to try out the material, no previous experience needed. Fee 30€ (35€ non-members)  materials included. More info in French English or Italian 0787693950 or email or read up to the end!

The protagonist of this workshop is the clay, primordial material, malleable and transformable, able to accommodate the emotions and give them a shape.
After a moment dedicated to relaxation you will be led to express yourself through the clay following different musical pieces.
Clay gives the opportunity to release and express your creativity through a very rich and archaic sensory experience.
Artistic expression workshops are dedicated to the free and spontaneous expression of your inner world through painting, drawing, collage and clay manipulation.
Because the themes are different each time, everyone will be able to go through their own creative path playing with colors, forms and materials, to give a visual form to their precious inner experience.
The workshop is also a place for relaxation and introspection, a benevolent and nonjudgmental place, where you can undertake a personal development process thanks to the expression of your creative world.
You don't need to have artistic knowledge to participate.

Registration required
L'inscription est obligatoire

Horaires : 9:30-12:30
dimanche 24 février 2019
prix : 35 euro (members 30€)
lieu : Le Hangar – Centre des Arts – 310 chemin du Ranch – Chateauneuf de Grasse

Tél. 0787693950
email :

The new Hangar Affiche - EXPAT version

Of course we are in France - but the Hangar is an Internatonal Art Centre and welcomes all nationalities! So here's an international version, for places where expats get together... if you know of any relevant places, art shops, libraries, don't hesitate to ask for a copy via!

Saturday, 19 January 2019

The New Hangar Affiche

We have a new poster!
Soon it will be on the Hangar walls, but also in Destock, the mairie, Office de Toursime - and if you know of other relevant places, art shops, libraries, don't hesitate to ask for a copy via!

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Much improved parking @Hangar!

Le parking est maintenant couvert de beau gravier. A partir de maintenant vous pouvez garer vos voitures sur le dessus en tout sécureté!
The parking is now covered with a good layer of gravel. From now on you can safely park your cars on the top!

Friday, 4 January 2019

Meet Francesca Messina!

Meet Francesca Messina

Every month there is an 'Atelier d'expression artistique' on the Sunday morning in the Hangar. These workshops are organised and hosted by the talented artist and teacher Francesca Messina. We thought it would be a good idea to introduce her and her art a bit more to you. You can also have a look at her website:

Francesca is an Italian visual artist and art therapist. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and the Art Therapy school Aspic of Rome and lives and works in France since 10 years.

In her own artwork, she reproduces the impressions and the feelings received from the observation of the reality that surrounds her.

Nature, human body, trees and sky represent the possibility to express themselves through colors, light and shapes.

Very interested in the sense of touch as a way of nonverbal communication in art, Francesca creates works with tactile materials such as fabrics, wools and threads.
Experimentation and research in painting led her to use different artistic mediums such as acrylic paint, watercolor, oil, pastels, chalks and ink.
Aware that art and creative expression are an excellent means of contact with the deeper part of oneself, she organizes workshops of artistic expression and personal development where everyone can experience the pleasure of creation and create a process of self-knowledge through creative practice.
These workshops aim to awaken free and spontaneous expression through artistic practices such as painting, collage, drawing, clay manipulation and contact with tactile materials.
Guided by selected themes,each time different, everyone can unfold and discover their own individual creative process, experimenting with colors, shapes and materials. 

In an environment of relaxation, joy, self observation and expression, each participant is encouraged to experience the pleasure of artistic creation, following their own intuition.The attention is focused on the creative process and not on the final result, one does not looking fo the "well done" but to be oneself and to express oneself without judgment.

If you want to have a place to be yourself through creativity and live in the present moment during the process of creation, if you like sharing with others and relax and discover yourself through the development of your creativity and at the same time have fun with colors, painting, collage and  clay then Francesca's workshops are for you!

Each workshop lasts 3 hours and begins with a moment dedicated to relaxation, to get in touch with our feelings and relax the tensions of everyday life.
After the explanation of the theme everyone will work freely, choosing between the available materials. In the middle of each workshop there will be a tea-biscuits break to allow everyone to detach themselves from work. The workshop will continue with the conclusion of individual or group artistic work and we end with an exchange of the experiences.
There is no special artistic knowledge required to participate in this workshop.

This video gives the information in French:

The workshops take place on Sundays  9.30 – 12.30
Prix par atelier 35€
Coming next: 

13/01 ‘Je Souhaite’

24/02 Argile et Cre-Action
17/03 La Prière : les couleurs dans mon coeur
28/04 Yoga et expression créative
19/05 Inspirations naturelles
09/06  Gratitude
More info:  Fancesca Messina - Tél. 0787693950 -email : -