Wednesday, 29 July 2020

The last Life Class before the summer break

Every other Monday there is a life class, with a nude. In these corona times it is a bit harder, because there has to be distance, groups can not be too big and we need to wear facial masks. But we make it work and it is quite representative for how the Hangar.rolls.

Last Monday had a bit of 'Murphy's law' over it, when the proudly announced model Marie-Jo didn't show up. It took some time to find out (also models are sometimes stuck in traffic) and Marina posed for the warming up (6 poses of 1 minute). Then Marie-Jo called back to say that she was too sick to come... And Marina also posed for the second part of the warming up, while on the phone with alternative models.

'Woman on the phone' drawings by Ina and Kate

And during the slightly longer pose (woman with phone yet again 😄) we got the redeeming call from Josie that she would drop off the kids, hurry to the Hangar to be there for the long pose. Fantastic and forever in your debt Josie! In the mean time also Marie-Pierre volunteered to sit, which she did perfectly...

'Woman in stripey T-shirt and shorts' drawings by Ina and Kate

AFter that we had a lovely break outside, with Marie-Pierres fab last-session cookies, Josie arrived and we took it from there: One long pose, hard for the model, but giving us all the time in the world to observe, estimate, draw shadow and light and even have a resemblance!
Here are the results:

The life drawing class closes until September. If you are interested, put yourself on the mailing list by sending a mail to the Hangar email address
Happy Holidays!!

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