Monday, 30 January 2012

Aquarelle - Tuesdays 2 - 4.30 pm - Marina Kulik

Portrait of little sister, wonderful strong portrait by Brigitte Jansen -
So sorry! The photo came out unsharp! But you can still recognize the quality

Last Tuesday the aquarellistas got together for a good old serious painting session and most worked hard on the subject 'old pictures and documents'... One of the challenges was to work more or less monochrome, in brown-grey-sepia tones as old documents and pictures have faded and yellowed.
Classy Lady with ball sculpture by Lies Timmermans

Classy Lady with draperies and bright light - by Agnès McLaughlin

Some chose to do one picture, like Agnes Lies and Brigitte (pictures above) and others combined them in order to create a scrapbooking efffect - indeed a trompe l'oeuil like these ones in-progress by Cathie and Georgie...
Ladies, documents and stamps -by Georgie Hole
(she has wisely taken the time to decide on composition and drew several versions before she started this serious job)

Dried roses, love letter, stamp, photograph and more.. amazingly beautiful and delicate painting-in-progress by Cathie van der Stel

Others worked on their own things, most of those are not finished and will be published in future posts, but Liz finished her metal-project-inspired still life and she definitely deserves a big compliment, it has come out so unbelievably metallic and shiny!
Metal still life by Liz Douglas

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  1. Being Liz Douglas's father.I am naturally proud of her work. She obviously inherits her mother's talent - certainly not from me.
    I would really love her to send me one of her pictures to hang up in my flat back here in Scotland.
    You are,without doubt, an excellent teacher. Long may that continue.