Thursday, 16 August 2012

Summer Acrylics

Summer is definitely here ! People have either left for cooler countries, they have visitors at home - or are struggling with the heat in some way or another. Class attendance is low which means that everyone gets lots and lots of attention from Pim. The Wednesday class runs as an atelier libre during the summer with no special projects. Take a look at the variety. Here is some of the on going abstract work - but there is still a way to go on both of these paintings.

Portraits in different styles have always been a favourite of different artists. Earlier this summer there was an exhibition in Martigny Switzerland with portraits from the Pompidou Centre. Perhaps that is where the inspiration came from.

Work in progress

As usual, the big event is lunch. Under the shade of the trees the participants enjoyed lunch while taking a break from their work.

And here is the youngest and newest class member - Phine. She hasn't learned to paint yet - but who knows.

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