Monday, 17 September 2012

Aquarelle Tuesday - with Marina Kulik


 Squall, a clever picture by Brenda Moorehouse: she combined the wet-in-wet technique with 'washing out' to create this tropical rain
Last Tuesday was our 'Rentrée' and we decided to work wet-in-wet for a change. Usually we work with wet paint on dry paper, now we made our paper soaking wet, and then dripped plenty of paint - with lots of pigment - on it, or painted it on it.
Some had an idea before they started and some just waited until the paint had dried to determine what they would actually make of it... It was very exciting and although this was more about the fun and the process than about the result, some paintings came out very very well...
An excellent landscape painting, with interesting light and shadows and beautiful warm wet-in-wet colours by Brigitte Jansen

Cathie van der Stel waits for inspiration to finish this -
do you see what it is going to be?
Yannick, a new member of our group, combined wet-in-wet with a very precisely detailed technique for the buildings

Cathy created a super wet-in-wet landscape - and with the help of lots of salt and a couple of lines suggested a very interesting foreground

Corine, another new Aquarellista, created this superb abstract landscape - with lots of things happening and a very interesting light

Jim as always approached the exercise in a more intelectual way, combined with 'feeling one' with the paint - and came up with this excellent fantasy image of 'the Fjords'

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