Monday, 6 July 2015

Aquarelle - Tuesdays 2 - 4.30pm - with Marina

 Agnès started an aquarelle with two trompettists - here still masking fluid-only...
Can't wait to see the progress

 Last Tuesday - a regular watercolour session, with tea, Adèle songs and a theme: 'Music'

Avril started a painting of an antique 'Bandoleon''

Brenda finished her 'overgrown house' and started with this harp-front, that looks promising...

Edith was really inspired by the subject and started this one - doesn't she make the colours sing!!

Costanza used to play the violin and still has one at home. You can see from this excellent painting that she understands the instrument!

And then on top of all that there were projects that were finished:

Agnès's Princess
Brenda's Overgrown House

Cathie started a new watercolour in her 'Jewelry' series - this is a bracelet in a birds' nest, so delicate

Edith finished her painting and I recommend you to click on it so you can see all of it, because there is so much in there! 
We saw the shape of a girl sleeping, a dreamy cloud (in the shape of a man, or a child, or something else), an egg that is pushed out, and towards a hole, a landscape, a close-up on the beach, an abstract and more...

Liz wasn't happy with this painting for some time but I think she's nailed it!! 

Eyecandy by Sandra!! What more can I say - Festin pour les yeux!!

And the very last dots and strokes complete this strong 'n stunning seascape, also by Sandra

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