Sunday, 6 September 2015


It was great, sunny, warm and well-visited day, with a lot of new people visiting!
There were demo's of all painting groups and the sculpture group, and a 'Trip-Reunion' with slides - where everyone was welcome - and last but not least, there was fab-tastic food, hand-cooked and self-baked by all!  Here are some pics:
 Nigel & Martin in a serious discussion about art no doubt

 The treasurers' table with a new member signing up
 The Cosy WaterColour Corner - with former Hangar President Anton
 The Oil painting corner

 Very convivial Dutch corner...
 Overlooking the space early in the morning

 Representative Artwork by Nelly and Pim

 Sculpture demo by Celina and Christie

 Treasurer team Arie and Wil renewing Jacqueline's membership
And last but not least our beloved bartender Peter Tissot!

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