Saturday, 7 November 2015

A simple still life-idea (for every technique)

Last week Tuesday, the Aquarellista Group worked on the simplest still life, a crumpled piece of used watercolour paper, with the painting on the inside The great thing about the subject is that it is neutral and quite abstract. Perfection in the shape is not so important, you automatically focus on the lights and the darks... Great exercise for your brain and have a look at the results, I'm sure you will one day try it for yourself, in acrylics, oil, or sculpture!

 Carol Fischer - painted a very good and realistic version of the crumpled example
 Elia B. added colour and made the composition more abstract

 Anna-Karin Fast put the red paint in (that actually was there on the inside) and created this version in a couple of watery brush strokes.

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