Friday, 11 December 2015

Pierre the Model on Monday

 Drawing by Sandra

Monday 7 December we were a lucky small group: we had Pierre as a model, and I do not exaggerate if I say that he is a very good looking guy! On top of that, a good model, friendly -and only showing his beautiful proportions to us: all Hangar doors had to be closed completely before he started sitting.

My question to the readers: Who would come on Monday 21 December if we were to have Pierre as a model? If enough 'takers' I will start my holidays one day later... Otherwise, I'll book Pierre for the first Live class in January. Hope to hear from you - you will hear from me!

Here are some of the excellent drawings that were made during the morning:

Quick sketches

10 minutes

 Long pose... This one by Claudie who had the best resemblance of the day!

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