Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Voting for the best artwork

The Hangar members have a wonderful exhibition in the Salle St Esprit in Valbonne (next to the church). Until 14 February, the doors are open from 10.30am to 6pm. The first 3 days we were flooded with visitors - after that it was a little bit less but we have high hopes for the weekend!
A 'new' thing in this exhibition is that we have established a 'Prix du Public': Visitors can vote for their favourite artwork.

 Nice Matin Lundi 1 février
Many many votes are cast already - and we woud like that to go on until the last day!

If you are one of the artists and you have permanence, make sure you ask the visitors to vote! It will also give you something to talk about :D
Si vous êtes un des artistes et vous avez permanence, s'il vous plaît demande aux visiteurs de voter! Il vous donnera également un sujet de conversation :D
Ask your friends and family to pass by and vote for your artwork! There will be a prize - and of course it is also about The Honour!

Demande vos amis et votre famille à passer et voter pour votre œuvre d'art! Il y aura un prix - et bien sûr, il est aussi de L'honneur!

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