Tuesday, 8 March 2016

The Chateauneuf Project - Monday mornings with Pim

 It was already mentioned in you invitation for the café culture of 30 March, there is something going on in Pm's drawing class on the Monday Morning... 

The group is working on an a-ma-zing project!!
A spectacular view on the village of Chateauneuf, drawn very precise in ink - and then cut out so that it becomes a 3D image. You will have to come and see for yourself to really appreciate it, but here's a part-preview:

 Thanks to Hélène and Peter for the pictures!!


  1. Looks stunning. Look forward to seeing it for real? Where will it live?

    1. Hi Helen -- hopefully in the mairie of Chateauneuf someday. For more pictures see http://hangarart.blogspot.fr/2016/04/cafe-culture-cinema-wednesday-30-march.html