Sunday, 3 April 2016

Café Culture Cinéma - Wednesday 30 March

Frida Kahlo & Chateauneuf

A great turnout for our last Café Culture! and a very international audience too - thanks to Marijke Obbink, new boardmember with 'Events Organising' as responsibility... 
On top of that, the movie was received with great enthusiasm of all. It was good and nobody noticed that it lasted two full hours!

After that, whilst nibbling and drinking a glass, Pim presented to us a relief that was created in his Monday morning class. It is a drawing of the village of Chateauneuf, in several layers to suggest depth and it is absolutely stunning!!

Apart from the artist behind the original idea (Lucia Gualtieri) who did an amazing job organizing all this and putting it together with Peter Lea (who is not in the pictures because he took most of them)
Peter Lea, together with Carol Fischer and Hélène Pons spent hours in the Hangar and at home, painstakingly creating houses, trees, towers, pavements, lampposts and more in the finest pen-and-ink lines you can possibly imagine... 

Great credit therefore also goes to their spouses, who put up with them and made sure there was plenty of tea. And last but not least a big HURRAY for Pim who as always was there helping out and inspiring the group! 
 And with result: Everybody absolutely loved it! 

We are proud of you and Chateauneuf can again be happy that they have such a fantastic Art Centre!!

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