Sunday, 5 June 2016

Hangar trip to Spain - Day 1: Cadaqués

A group of 25 Hangar artists went to Spain from 24 - 28 May, to draw and paint outside and go on an excursion to the Dali museum in Figueres. Like every year, it was a fantastic, inspirational and creative time, I do hope we get a chance to have a reunion and show our work as well as all the action-photo's! But here's an overview to start with...

The first activity was Cadaquès, the village so well-known for the three arches, that Dali also painted (although in the museum that painting has 'Algiers' as title...)

 Here you see some of the results - created in the storm... I may have mixed up some names - please let me know if your name is under the wrong drawing and I will correct immediately...
 and with 'Surrealism' in the back of everyones minds...

 Peter's drawing of a subject that was surrealistic all by itself. 
Looked like the remains of the old port

MarieAnne sitting in front of it





 MJ's surrealist version

 Patience - surrealistic








Karin's Surrealistic Buoys


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