Saturday, 29 October 2016

Look what came out of the Kiln

This week my congratulations go to a newcomer in the Thursday class - Frances.

Frances says she is a beginner when it comes to working in clay and has joined the class to learn. This is something we have all been through at some time. Tracy (functioning teacher) and Frances decided on an exercise that is fun and usually gives good results: - a mask.

The clay they chose was a high-fire black clay. Its easy to work with, it seldom cracks, it dries quickly and it fires well. After finishing the mask - Tracy suggested adding some white bits. This has 2 purposes - firstly the contrast to the black looks good and secondly - if you want to add colour, it's easier to have a pale colour underneath.

Here you see the result after the firing:

Next step was to decide on how to finish the project. The alternatives are many. Frances decided on going for acrylics. Most of the white areas were covered. In addition Frances added some bits of glass and an earring.

Now the mask is up on a wall. Doesn't it look great. 



  1. I've had a fabulous time at Hangarart and everybody has been so helpful and friendly. Thursday is my favourite day of the week! Frances

  2. debbiestirlingmosaics29 October 2016 at 18:41

    Fantastic work Frances ! I love it XXX