Saturday, 19 November 2016

Look what came out of the kiln

Another firing and new surprises !

On the left you see Tracy's mask when it came out of the kiln after the first firing. Tracy has used black high fire clay (1200 degrees) from Ceradel. While the clay is still moist she has painted on the white which is made from white high fire clay and water. The mask was left to dry for 3-4 weeks and was then fired.

The colour was added. Tracy has used various liquid clays - and in the hollow on the nose she added some mosaic pieces. The mask was  fired at 980. Finally Tracy added hair to the mask.

This is also a sculpture made from black high fire clay. After the first firing an extremely shiny black metallic  glaze was added and the piece was fired a econd time at 980 degrees.

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