Friday, 16 December 2016

Drawing on Monday Morning - Life Model with Marina

Every other Monday we draw a nude model for 2 intensive hours. It is hard work - but also rewarding, and so good for you! The last session of 2016 was with model Louise, who unfortunately is moving to the Pyrenees, so it was also the last time we had the pleasure to draw her... As always she was a joy to work with, and here's some of what we did:

Very short (1 minute) and short (2 minutes) poses - there's hardly time to get you pencil or crayon on the paper, let alone time to think. Yet it is a great way to warm up, get to understand the model, and sometimes the results are very worthwhile.
After these short poses, we draw the model for 10 minutes and then 20 - this appears very long  - and the drawings are always more detailed -and bear resemblance to the model:

After that we have a short well-deserved and well-needed break, with coffee tea and cookies - and then we tackle the model again, for the rest of the time, around an hour!

As you can see, this group was well-warmed up!

FYI: In 2017 I will also start a beginners class, combined with an atelier libre for the advanced, on the Friday morning. You can expect mail about this soon...!

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