Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Watch out: Beautiful Watercolours below!

From eyecandy to picture perfect to downright gorgeous, the paintings, created on an average Tuesday Aquarellista Afternoon. I love my group!

First of all - the still life! We have one every week. This fabulous stuffed pheasant-like bird (input on name most welcome) that Tana had with her was so attractive that 3 aquarellistas started working on it:


Michele C

André (will be finished next session)

Then there were vintage shoe stretchers and shoe-making tools, they are not easy - but the paintings in progress are already very promising:

Elia B.
From last time there was still work to do on the scarves, all finished theirs - and Celina started a new one in her typical style - note the complimentary colour combinations...



And last but by no means least,  the waterclours outside the suggested subjects. They are awesome:
Octavia St Lauren tby Sandra

Lobster potsby Liz

The Essence of Amy by  Sandra

Scarecrows by Agnès

 Candy jar by Carol


Pears in Progress by Tana

Ballerinas by Sylvie

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