Thursday, 16 February 2017

The results of the ceramic workshop

Look at the amazing pieces that came out of the kiln !

The first Sunday workshop Anitta taught the participants how to make pieces using the slab technique. T his is a technique where one uses a rolling pin - its just like baking. Afterwards the different pieces are cemented together with "glue" and a little bit of work to make sure that they don't come apart. They are left to dry for 2 weeks then fired in the kiln.

The second Sunday the pieces were glazed. Anitta came with recipes for matt and shiny finishes. Everyone could chose how to finish of their piece - and here you can see the results.

A collection of fun birds

The other piece that was made the first Sunday was a square pot. People started from the same patern - but the end results were very different. Some going for a totally matt finish - others opted for a shiny finish - and some for a mix.

Oh so different
Detailed pots
Rustic pots
And ..... the whole collection

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