Friday, 6 October 2017

EXHIBITION 'The Poetry of Materials'

From 7 October - 28 January, Hangar teacher Marina Kulik exhibits paintings and refliefs in Chateau des Demoiselles, together with the Dutch sculptor Ineke Velsink. 
The name of the expo is 'The Poetry of Materials' 

"The artists create poetry with a chisel and a brush" says Anne-Lyse Guény of the Espace d’art Château des Demoiselles in a press release. The vernissage is on Saturday 7 October, from 6pm - 8pm, with a band, a light buffet and of course the fabulous wines of the Chateau! You are cordially invited...

If you can't make it - just pass by on another date, it is open for 3 more months, and apart from our artwork, you will find that it is a seriously fabulous area to have a good brisk walk (different tracks), rent quads and of course taste the wines!

Here's a small preview of the artwork...
'Bébé Baleine', a watercolour by Marina, from the Amour Maternel series. and the bronze scupture  'Gaia' by Ineke

 More from the 'Koi' Series you may have seen in the EXPO25, watercolours on canvas.
They go so well with Ineke's sculptures!

Marina's Magic Realism in Acrylics together with a marble sculpture by Ineke

 'Recycling: 3D graphics' - very new stuff by Marina
Parts of the 'Ever Evolving work of art, now exhibited separately (and not as a 6 meter long fresco)...

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