Wednesday, 8 November 2017

FRIDAY: Atelier Libre

What a Friday !!!! The weather was good - perfect for working outdoors - and so many projects going on: painting, sculpting, jewelry makin, repairing old artwork ++++

Tracy - concentrating on a new lady ? - will she be a bather ?

Hanna finishing off her cat

Tatiana deciding how to finish off her ceramic horse sculpture

Coco proudly showing off her torso

And yes there were others - but my photos didn't do them justice - so that will have to be for another time.

Tracy, Anne and Celina have been experimenting with ceramic jewelry making. A lovely Dutch couple who are moving away from the area - donated a jewelry kiln and on Fridays we have tried to get the firing right. This Friday we tried our hands on raku like firing. Like ceramics in the normal kiln - the pieces need to firings. The first after the clay is dry and the second after the glaze has been put on.

The mini-kiln stays on for less than an hour and then pieces are taken out.

After the second firing - the pieces are immediately put in to a cake tin filled with dry leaves, sawdust and newspaper. Depending on the result that one wants - the process continues with a few "magic" steps - and then the pieces are finished.

This is a pendant - with Ceradel 1254 Frittes - lightly smoked

This is another pendant with a mix of Ceradel 1254 frittes and copper oxide - also lightly smoked

This is the same mix as above - Ceradel 1254 frittes and copper oxide

This came out as a traditional raku piece - only gazed with Cerdale 1254 fritte

This piece was all shiny in different bles and greens - glazed with ceradel 1254 fritte with copper oxide
The prize goes to Tracy for her traditional raku heart and her square oxidised piece.

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