Tuesday, 30 January 2018

EXPO: Marina Kulik in Valbonne

You may have noticed (it was hard to miss πŸ˜„) that I am exhibiting in Valbonne at the moment.
In the Salle St Esprit, next to the church...
Sculptor and landartist Sally Ducrow and myself were invited by the Mairie de Valbonne to create a show around 'Recyclage' to celebrate the fΓͺte de St Blaise.
We combined that with our love for everything 'nature' and have put together a show with brand new paintings and sculptures which are all somehow recycled, in very different ways.

We have had over 300 visitors sofar, and we get really enthusiastic reactions.  

I'd love you to come and see it too!  

Sally's sculptures and reliefs are made of stone and wood, I'm showing figurative watercolours on paper, watercolours on linen and reliefs of recycled materials...

I will be there most of every day from Wednesday afternoon. We finish Sunday 4.30pm!

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