Monday, 22 July 2019

The Hangar trip to Bargème - art creation & fun combined

On Friday 19 July, Charlotte, Fred, Hanneke, Ina, Kristina, MJ, Marijke, Marina, Maud, Nelly, Patrick and Pim, drove up to the beautiful village of Bargème. We've been there on previous Hangar trips and as always there was plenty of ahmospheric beauty for everyone to draw and paint! We have our favourite spots, with quaint little buildings, old stones, interesting plants and breathtaking views. And because of the hot sun we started in the morning under the trees of the park. Everyone was free to choose their own style - as long as it started with a good drawing!

Ina, MJ, Nelly and Marijke tackeled the view from different points, Maud, Patrick, Kristina et Fred drew the small old stone ruins while Hanneke and Charlotte, later joined by Nelly, drew and painted the view from the other side. Time flies when you're having fun, so before we knew it it was time for lunch - and we went to the wonderful restaurant-with-a-view 'Les Jardins de Bargème'

The food was wonderful - and the mood was great, what a fun group! We couldn't stop laughing, Pim of course had a couple of crazy jokes and Fred also showed an enormous sense of humor. But - disciplined as we were, just a bit after 2pm we went back to 'work', this time near the old ruins, a very interesting and characterful site. 
Marijke, Patrick, Maud, Ina, MJ, Nelly and Charlotte drew the marvellous ruins from this side (results below) while...
 ...Kristina and Fred drew it from the other side and Hanneke chose her own perfect spot in the village next to the fountain. Around 4.30pm we packed and drove back - and got together in the Hangar once more to check out the impressive amount of work! 
That you can admire here:
 Morning art: the little old stone building in the landscape...

 ...and thea landscape from other viewpoints...

 Afternoon Art: the large ruin, seen from both viewpoints, in styles that vary from bold sturdy pastel surfaces to delicate fine line drawings. I love it!

 And then there were the other drawings (and watercolours) of subjects like doors, bell towers and people!

Pim and I are so happy and impressed with everybody's hard work - and with the quality, the different styles and the originality of the drawings. We thank the participants for a wonderful day!!

If you missed this trip but would like to participate in one, just watch your email in the first week of  September, when we are announcing the last one of this year...

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