Friday, 22 May 2020

The Hangar Art Music Contest: The Jury's favourites

Here are some more details about the results of our competition, as well as the Jury report.

The participating artists had 8 nationalities (French, Dutch, British, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish, Australian and German)
They worked in 6 different techniques (mixed media, acrylic, oil, watercolours, drawing and digital).

After the deadline, the teachers had the first vote and they selected 16 artworks.

Then it was the turn of 'the public'. A total of 132 votes was cast and we received votes per mail, Instagram, via Facebook comments, blog comments and then some voted by Whatsapp, text messages and phone calls. The Hangar crowd is really living in the now 😛

And after an exciting end-race, 'Dutch Swing Collega Band' by Els Bemelmans won the public vote!
The Jury had their favourites too. Have a look below - and read their comments

Marie's favourite: 'La dame blanche' par Marie-Pierre Scarton
 "En rapport au thème, jolie composition en technique mixte - Harmonie et légèreté musicale !!"

Pim's favourite:  'Let the Music Dance' by Nicolette Scouten 

"A fun and original painting with a clear line and graphic style"

Marina and Josie's favourite: 'Pandemi" Opus 1 by Anna Karin Fast
Josie: "Because of its simple colourful beauty that really captures what music would look like if we could view it."
Marina: "For me this painting represents the desperate cry and chaos that is caused by the current pandemic, and music is a means to both soothe and bring structure."

Francesca's favourite: 'Summer Guitar' by Cathie van der Stel
"What an original way of having a guitar both on the horizon and as a horizon. It is so soft and delicate"
Nelly's favourite: 'Quartet Masks' by  Eliane Cuziberto

" I love the bright colours,it is a clear image and it has a good dose of humour"

Marina Teding van Berkhoudt's favourite: 'Nocturne' by Gordon Mellor

"Beautiful contrast, well executed and a clever combination of music, comforting in times of lockdown, playing inside and not allowed to go out."

And of course the public's favourite: 'Dutch Swing College Band' by Els Bemelmans

 "It captures the warm and energetic atmosphere of the scene really well."

We look very much forward to seeing these - and all the other excellent works for real - when we have our exhibition! 

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