Monday, 18 July 2011

Aquarelle - Masking Fluid on Ice (and on other subjects)

Iceberg in the storm by Lies Timmermans

We are in the South of France and it's hot! That's why last week the small group of aquarellistas did a bit of cool painting - based on the subject 'Ice'. And we used masking fluid, to preserve the white. Often it is easier to just not-paint (and leave white) but in the two examples shown here, masking fluid is more effective. For Lies it works for her 'lightning', because the sky behind it can be one ongoing, homogeneous surface if she can just paint over the masking fluid. And in Cathie's case, the tiny drops have dark rims, which would be an impossible job to do one by one. With masking fluid, the dark rims will appear if the applied lightblue wash is very wet.
Both Lies and Cathie will finish their paintings tomorrow - and I'll proudly show the results next week!

Cathie van der Stel's Icecube - stage one

Edith Alborni started promising new work for the Aquarellista-expo 'Le Village' in Valbonne in September, which she will hopefully finish tomorrow...

 and  Cathie finished hers:

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