Monday, 25 July 2011

The last aquarelle session of the summer!

Ice cube by Cathie van der Stel

On 19 July we got together for the last true painting session (we will meet up tomorrow, but that will be for extensive lunch and 'loose ends') and it was worth it! Lots of great 'work on ice' that was started the week before (to cool off in the hot hot weather) and our visitor Georgina created a wonderfully natural flowing composition...
Waterlily by Georgina

Marina Teding van Berkhout worked on (and finished) two lovely aquarelles in her very recognizable style
Used Tubes by Marina Teding van Berkhout

Watching 'Boule' by Marina Teding van Berkhout

Work-in-progress by Edith Alborni, one step further - getting better and better...

Village in Provence by Edith Alborni

And the last three paintings of the summer season are ice-related:
Iceberg by Lies Timmermans 

Icecold water by Mieke van Papen 

Snowy Mountains by Ann Edwards

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