Friday, 21 October 2011

Live Class 1 & 2

Marina leaning against a stool - 2 minute pose by Neville Moray

For the first two live classes none of our 'regular' and much appreciated models were available. So instead, yours truly 'sat' for the group, which meant no nagging! freedom of proportion! and the challenge of fabric, folds and patterns - as I kept my cloths on...
The results were actually very good, pastels were used, and paints:

Marina by Fiona Biziou

We also drew from large photographs. Below Lucia experimenting with a thick feltpen:

 And the result...

 Pim by Fiona Biziou

Patience by Fiona Biziou

Neville drew the light; his information was a 'normal' photograph... Not easy!

And after a bit of a slow start, we are now back to normal, with Celia as our model. More about that later!

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