Monday, 31 October 2011

Tricks and treats - in Aquarelle

Striking candle by Brigitte Jansen

Here's the treat: a post with fan-tas-tic paintings, created during the last Tuesdays by a couple of  Halloween-inspired Aquarellistas!

Lies Timmermans' Halloween Landscape

The trick is basically 'the white': that is actually the colour of the paper, we do not use white paint!! In combination with dark colours... So the moons, stars and flames ('the light') are left unpainted (white) and everything else is darker than that!
Now check out how well that worked:

Soft candlelight by Liz Douglas

Helene van der Kroft introduced daughter in law Aafke and granddaughter Lois and the two of them did excellent and totally scaring work on pumpkins!!!

Mean laughing scary pumpkin by Lois van der Kroft

Creepy pumpkin in chilling background by Aafke Sikkel

Frightening landscape by Helene van der Kroft
Candle by Agnès McLaughlin
Another candle by Brigitte Jansen

Mieke van Papen painted this candle in her 'big gesture' style and as you can see, even then the "white" rule works!

And last but not least another very Halloween witch- in-the moonlight painting - by Helene van der Kroft!

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