Monday, 18 June 2012

Plaids & stripes

Brigitte Jansen 

Last week 4 of us did an excercise that all participants hated - and in the end were very happy about. Working on the plaids and stripes is a combination of counting, and keeping track of logic order and at the same time working with flowing colours and being generally creative... And that is very hard on the brain! So Brigitte, Gaby, Edith and Mieke were moaning and groaning and confusing themselves - but ended up with this stunning work! They're just exercises but don't they look SUPER!
Edith Alborni

Gaby Berendsen

Mieke van Papen

I'm proud to see how this worked out... Very well done... there was more from these artists and others - and I'll post about that later!

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