Monday, 4 June 2012

Aquarelle Watercolours Tuesday 29 May 2 - 4.30

Flora & Fauna
Because I was travelling, there was no time to post about the work of the Aquarellistas last week. That's why you get an overview of what we did the past 2 weeks right here...

Anna-Karin Fast
Above you see an abstracted impression of a plant by Anna-Karin. As you can see she uses different contrasts and colour combinations: she has been painting outside, with a Swedish artist (the name escapes me - I will give it to you later) and she has learnt a couple of new techniques that she promises to share with us when she returns from Sweden.

Sandra Seymour-Dale
Sandra is studying this subject, interesting in many respects, the effect of light through the fence, the shadows, the contrast... It is not yet quite finished but it deserves to be seen in this stage!

Barbara Kinsella
Brenda's twin sister Barbara visited us last week - and although she has no experience whatsoever with aquarelle (or painting in general) she clearly has the talent of her sister! Shown above are her waterlilies - very well done!

Cathie van der Stel
This lovely happy (smiling?) horse was painted by Cathie, with the help of masking fluid and salt, which gives it the 'ruffled feathers' look...

Agnès McLAughlin
And last but not least, here's the peacock that Agnès painted, as an experiment: she used a 'dripping' technique, where you hardly have control, which means more risk, but the result is spontaneous and original! And as you can see it worked out very well - I also love the background - the yellow on the right hand side has a very thin wash of paynes's grey over it, which suggests distance... the yellow also works well as a good contrast with the violet of the bird...

And then to top it all off - a couple of 'before and after' images!
...See what a bit of shadow can do! One of the first illustrations for our future cookbook, a recipe for 'Fleurs de Courgette' by Edith Alborni...
...Same here - with a very thin wash of Payne's Grey, Lesley Bufton made her already interesting parasol a very beautiful composition - that feels like it really protects you from the sun...
 ...And here you see Mieke van Papen's rhythm of glass bottles! With the background added, you believe that they are for real - transparent and subtle...

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