Monday, 21 May 2012

Drawing on Monday morning

Lucia Gualtieri's Pebbles - breathtaking (despite the fact that I threw tea over the drawing)

It was Monday morning and it rained and the plan to go outside to the Notre Dame de Vie didn't work, but three die hards, the hard core drawing enthusiasts still came and had a wonderful morning... We set up 2 still lives, one 'breakfast' and one 'pebbles'. Lucia chose pebbles, Corinne and Brigitte breakfast, and yours truly started with breakfast and the ambition to do the pebbles as well - but that was a bit optimistic. The goal was simple: Realistic Drawing... And we did, have a look, the fun clearly shows! We agreed that this kind of drawing really adds something to the live model drawing - it tends much more towards construction and forces you to 'close one eye', 'squint', and measure. So for all of those who are hesitating if they need to go to the regular drawing class: Go! Try it! It's great fun and totally improves your technique! OK☺so much for the advertorial☺and here are the 3 'breakfasts':

Corinne's free hand version (unfinished)

Brigitte's supersmooth teapot with wonderful highlights
Marina's breakfast

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