Monday, 7 May 2012

Aquarelle Tuesday from 2 - 4.30

The Aquarellistas - hard at work

Last Tuesday our group took a day off, due to the 'Fête du Travail', but the week before we had a great afternoon with several highlights!
One of them our Aquarellista pal Bibbi Isaksson who has moved to Sweden but visits France from time to time - so she could join us last session!! Everybody was delighted to see that she hadn't changed one bit (well, she was less tanned than we are of course) and that she didn't loose her talent...
Roly and Lesley were back too, and Lesley worked very hard on her Carnival de Venice Picture - with a remarkable and super detailed result!
Impressive - and expressive Carnival picture by Lesley Bufton... What a patience that girl has!!

Beverley is back from the US - and with an amazing speed and accuracy produced the painting that Cathie, Anna-Karin, Sandra and myself had created for the Café Culture Expo... OK, slightly smaller, but still...

Bev's version of the Carnival's parade

A great bridge to the other work is Edith Alborni's feather girl. This painting is not yet quite finished but it has the mysteriousness of the masks. It is very well done, although there was a little worry with the masking fluid that she used on the plumes, that was very hard to remove. But with an eraser and a lot of perseverance (read very hot fingers of the continued rubbing) it worked out well and as you can see it is sensational!
Feather Girl by Edith Alborni...Look at that eye!
Brigitte Jansen is working on an image of a crocodile for two weeks now, she's been researching the effects of the background by using another medium - pastel crayons...
Both pastel and aquarelle version look pretty cool!!

Roly is the proud painter of this beautiful aquarelle of the yacht 'Sea breeze'. 

And we close today's post with the work-in-progress by Cathie van der Stel.
THis beautiful still life (that will no doubt be finished soon) is just an exercise for things to come... The aquarellista cookbook for instance...
Poetic Pine Cones by Cathie van der Stel

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