Monday, 21 May 2012

Aquarelle Tuesday from 2 - 4.30pm

Colourful Parasols
Last week Tuesday it was a glorious day and despite the 'changing light' (because the sun moves) Georgie, Liz and Agnes did their painting outside (and thoroughly enjoyed it).
The theme du jour was 'parasols' once more and Georgie worked hard on hers:
Georgina Hole's finished parasols
a transparent aquarelle with lots of permanent rose and 'homemade' violet...

Mieke van Papen worked on these beauties,
the green parasol is finished and like Georgie's it is a true aquarelle, poetic and light. 

This complicated inside of a parasol by Lesley Bufton isn't finished
but already interesting, graphic and super well done!

The other parasols will be shown next week - there was also a lot of activity on our calendar - the months April, May and December are finished, and July, August and October are halfway - looking great!!
And there is another project we are slowly and surely progressing with: our cookbook...

Lesley tweaked her tomato sauce recipe and created this perfect picture

Cathie van der Stel has experimented with gorgeous colour combinations and salt
and she ended up with truffles!

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