Monday, 14 May 2012

Aquarelle Tuesday

Colourful Creations
In our aquarelle session of last week we worked around two themes (parasols and recipes for our Aquerellista cookbook), we finished ongoing projects, proceeded with the calendar and we welcomed two new girls, Gaby and Rose-Marie! A busy and productive afternoon - and everything was about 'colour'! The theme du jour was 'Parasols'. I brought colourful pictures (and real ones - but forgot to show them) and the results were in one word great!
Agnes McLaughlin -original as always- used her own input, one picture for the colours and one for the subject, and painted these lovely little girls with parasols. (Love their little feet!!)

 Georgie Hole hasn't finished hers but it is already so good!!
Lesley started a very difficult construction of a beautiful parasol, more about that next time and Cathie worked on these lovely old fashioned ones:

...and finished this STUNNING basket with pinecones.

Edith Alborni finished her  'mysterious girl with peacock feather'. Isn't is gorgeous?!

In the meantime, work on our recipes goes on. Lesley Bufton works on her tomato sauce ingredients. She experimented with salt on the orange worktop but washed it out again as she wasn't happy with the result. Looks like it might be finished this week!
Lesley Bufton's tomato sauce ingredients. Just some very small adjustments needed and then it's good to go (into our cookbook). The golden bottletop is very well done by the way!
Agnes McLaughlin made the first breakfast illustration for the cookbook. Lots of fun in this as usual. The pinapple originally was a cookie, also note the Porridge bowl and all the handy signs ... The tablecloth with distorted perspective contrasts so nicely with the elegant china! And the silver is very well done...

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