Monday, 3 December 2012

Aquarelle - Tuesdays 2 - 4.30 with Marina

Brigitte finished her colourful autumn fruit.
An amazing still life that took her 3 afternoons and it has been Worth It, what a great result!
Last Tuesday there were a couple of other projects going on , but the sujet du jour was...
Below some previews, I expect I'll be able to present the final results in the next post - but they are already worthwhile!
'Bacchus' an ornament in progress by Liz, she is using bright colours and achieves a lively image, while keeping the sculpture-like impression...
Mieke's painting is definitely going somewhere! It's clearly a light stone and there's already something ornamental...Watch this space to see the result...
This painting of 10 different gargoyles in comic book style by Agn├Ęs is (as we by now expect from her) painted with humor. Expect a funny tagline and click the picture to enlarge it and appreciate it even more 

Sandra, original as always, has started a cathedral like  construction - seen through something... What that something is? Can't wait to see the next stage (will be shown in the next post) ☻ Very promising!

As often, Cathie is working on several projects, also on ornaments, but this is so gorgeous in its warm red rusty colour... It is inspired by a kind of vague purple printout! The shiny bits are masking fluid...
Starter Wendy worked on the 'Layering' exercise... The sea is not yet finished, but the rest looks so good! Although in this exercise you have to work according to strict rules, the image is your own fantasy - and in this one the stars are amazing, and the buildings are so futuristic, I wonder, is this actually on our planet??

Last but not least Jim's misantropic guy, I cut the picture so that you can see his try-out paper, cleverly punaised to the painting!
By no means finished, this one, but getting more and more interesting! As you can see the the white (not painted) parts on the face begin to get meaning, because of the darker background. To be continued!

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