Monday, 17 December 2012

Aquarelle Tuesdays 2 - 4.30pm with Marina Kulik

Last week the aquarellistas didn't get together. We helped bring the late dear Brigitte Jansen to her last resting place and had memorial lunch afterwards. It was sad and beautiful. We will miss her so much and never forget her.
Yet the week before we all worked very hard on all kinds of ornaments... Below some of the results.
Agnès created a tongue in cheek 'welcome to Oxford' by funny (but also quite threatening) gargoyles
Cathie finished an impressive piece of monument...

Cathy worked on a very complicated pattern and did such an excellent job combining masking fluid with Payne's and Davy's grey! (and water)

Liz Douglas' Bacchus in stone - the ultimate ornament, so well done...

Sandra's interesting and complicated gold-ornamented pillars, seen through an intricate construction... A couple of hour's work to look forward to - but already intriguing...

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