Monday, 14 January 2013

Aquarelle - Tuesdays from 2-4.30pm with Marina Kulik

The last watercolour session before Christmas
As expected we were with a small group of die-hards. Well, we had a great time, with music, big cups of Verveine-Menthe-Orange tea, my special brew, and even a glass of champagne during the evaluation... It was a nice last class of 2012! And some good painting happened as well...
Liz Douglas worked on her big commission of the scarves

 Edith Alborni finished her Dutch winter landscape
Mieke van Papen worked on a new and different ornament

And Wendy Boyer did a colourful experiment with a background, foreground and détails
On 15 January 2013 the Aquarellistas will get together again to finish the work - or start with fresh new developments!

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