Monday, 28 January 2013

The Hangar New Years Drinks

Last Sunday, 27 January, the 'Hangar New Years drinks' finally took place! Just in time as some visitors commented - but I have to admit that the original planning was for 20 January, only it rained and stormed soo bad that day that the committee decided to postpone...
The festivities started at 4pm, with champagne and a variety of wonderful nibbles. The Hangar was warm, looked great with decorative lights and -more importantly, paintings on display, this time created by Nelly van Hijfte's Oil group!
Charmian Murleys Happy Babygirl!
President Hans van Wijngaarden spoke a couple of words, mentioning the 20 different nationalities we have in our membership.
The President (from the back) and some visitors, admiring the artwork on display

A lot of them passed by, Hangar members, associate members, friends, family and introducées alike - and together we chatted the night away in a terrific athmosphere!
 Boardmembers Celina and Sandra next to Chris Herliq's Dove
More oïl paintings - don't they look great!

For those of you who missed the party, the bottomline is that the Hangar community wishes you a very happy and creative New Year!

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