Monday, 21 January 2013

Model drawing - alternate Mondays, with Marina Kulik

A good start of 2013
on Monday 21 January we had our first Hangar drawing session, with a small -yet enthusiastic- group! Our model du jour was the beautiful Marie-Jo and after a warming-up with 10 poses of 2 minutes, we drew her in two other positions for around 10 minutes each. Then we had a lovely coffeebreak - to catch up on the latest after which we spent a full hour with the same pose.
Marie-Jo sat so still, admirable because it is not easy and after we had finished it took her 5 minutes of stretching to get some feeling back into her limbs...
Some worked on one detailed drawing, others took different positions and did several, and overall everybody did a good job! Rusty? hah! Not us, not anymoer ☺ Here are some of the results....:
Charmian Murley
Neville Moray
 Sandra Seymour-Dale
Betty Schep
If you read this and think the drawing class might be a nice thing to try out, just know that you are most welcome!! There is a drawing session every Monday, one with a still life and the next with Model... On 28 January it will be 'Still Life' With our Super Teacher Pim. Don't hesitate to drop in to have a look - or to actually participate!

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