Wednesday, 17 April 2013

PORTRAIT Drawing! Thursday mornings 10 - 12 am

From 11 March , every Thursday morning, Cathie van der Stel and myself give a portrait workshop. We have a big group and we work very hard, because the goal is, to get all the theory across in 5 Thursday mornings. And that is working out fine!

Just to brag ☺ we show here the results of 45 minutes of hard work, where the participants had to 'draw the light' on black paper and combine that with a 'normal' drawing on white paper...

This was our model (only on picture unfortunately ☺)

And here are the results: 

Chris P.





Chris H



Great huh!!
Note that they are so good, that we may have accidentally confused some. If you see yours with the wrong name underneath, let us know and we'll change...

Thursday 18 April we have the last theory class, from then on, we will have 2-hour sessions with live models, open to everyone interested. During these sessions, all theory will come back and be tested and consolidated... 

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