Monday, 1 April 2013

Aquarelle Tuesdays 2 - 4.30 pm with Marina

 "Angels and Dwarfs"

After three full weeks on one and the same painting (working like Shirley Trevena) the Aquarellistas decided on a very different subject last week! yet Shirleys influence lingered on, there was definitely an increased use of sanding paper, watercolour pencils, crayons, plumes, nailbrushes and fingers! And -noticable in the work shown below, I brought Winsor & Newton 'Cobalt Turquoise', one of Shirleys favourite colours...
Edith's beautiful peaceful angel

Sandra tried out white watercolour crayon...
...and compensated the over-smoothness with this characterfull beauty!!
Agnès created this saintly being with a sculpture as inspiration and added light, colours and background, creating a 'whole' and interesting composition
Christiane created these delicate wings, inspired by the Angel-theme
Wendy's endless creativity led to this original winged little person

Liz worked on the Dwarf!
This is definitely children's book quality... (and yes we will do that sometime soon!)
Anna-Karin's struggle with the still life is over - it looks wonderful, my favourite part is the down-right part with the cup... So mysterious! (click to enlarge)

Nusch worked on an exercise with 'eyes'...
We all agreed that this is very special and that her style really works!

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