Monday, 25 March 2013

Aquarelle, Tuesdays 2 - 4.30pm with Marina

Working like Shirley Trevena:
Breaking the Rules... Part III
Liz's perfect composition
with lots of candle wax and watercolour crayon
And here are the aquarelles we finished during the third and final 'Working like Shirley Trevena' painting session. Where we usually work pretty 'neat', we changed that completely these last 3 weeks. We used a still life as inspiration for a composition on the paper, we used watercolour brushes but also tooth-and nail brushes, as well as sponges, kitchenpaper, plumes, feathers, our nails and more... and apart from a diversity of watercolour paints, there were candles, crayons, watercolourpencils (also in combination with sanding paper, to give very interesting stains!)...
I can write for hours about this, because it was such fun - and we learnt so much!! You can probably see that from the paintings in this post...
Cathie created an incredible depth in her composition

Christiane's painting has become incredibly warm and happy 

Edith's excellent composition 

 Anna-Karin's almost-finished version with stunning tulips
 Sue, who's new to our group did an amazing job!
Note the background and the use of warm and cold colours

This fantastic composition was created by Sandra

Agnès - who introduced Shirley to us, missed the previous 2 sessions and decided she would go 'realistic' and she did!! A very sunny still life with great shadows
As you can see, everyone worked way out of their comfort zone, yet the personal styles are still recognisable!

Marina's - unfinished, but already lots of pleasure have gone into this, and my hands have never been dirtier...

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