Sunday, 17 March 2013

Abstract project: Squares

Our current project is producing an abstract using squares in very few colours. The squares could be freely interpreted (as can be seen below) - as could the interpretation of few. Not many finished the project - so work will continue for at least another session - maybe even two. It's interesting to see how a project like this can give such different results.

Anne Marie at work - and the results at the end of the evening.

Carina at work on her squares - but this is only the beginning

Elkie hard at work

Karen is also just at the beginning and has a long way to go yet

Lotta is new to the class. Here Pim is demonstrating how to give depth to her squares.

Tatiana and Barbara at work

Sue worked quickly and finished her painting.

The results of Imme, Celina and Marie Helen - they all have a lot more to do before their works are finished.

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