Monday, 4 March 2013

Aquarelle Tuesday with Cathie van der Stel!

Agnès painted these Perfect Pods - better than the real thing!
Pods 'n Pansies 
On Tuesday 26 February yours truly happened to be in Austria, doing all kinds of things in the snow (one of them actually painting!) Co-teacher Cathie van der Stel took over and brought live pansies - as well as pictures... The aquarellistas gave it a go, and below are the results:
Anna-Karin's aquarelle, so well painted with only the big pointy brush, no pencil.
The blue is lovely - and do I see a bit of green?
Agnès painted this one after she was done with the pods (I guess, wasn't there)
Love the spoon in the foreground, it adds so much to the composition!

Christiane created a dreamy spring-like picture of pansies (clearly on their way to the sun!).
And spring it is for Liz who started working on this big sphere - interesting!
I'm curious to see what it will end up like...

© The originals of the pictures used are by Syd Aneay (bubbles Liz) and Ematerre (pansies Christiane)

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