Friday, 3 May 2013

A very productive Friday

As you all know, Fridays have for the time being set a side for anyone who wants to work on their own. For only Eur 5 - you can work all day at the Hangar on any project you like. Those of us there today worked on a variety of projects. Just to mention some of the work: Celina finished one of here totem pole elements. John is going to try out a new product for making outdoor sculptures and was working on the wire frames. Christie was finishing off one of her sculptures.

Today was also the day when the grass was trimmed (thanks John) - so now there is absolutely no reason not to park on the upper parking space.

And lastly - and most important - today we fired our new kiln for the first time. It was really exciting. Christie, John and Celina loaded the kiln during the sculpture class on Thursday. Today we had help from Maurice (one of our members very experienced in working kilns) and did our first firing.

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  1. That is SO COOL! I look very much forward to hear more about the kiln!! Did it work out?