Monday, 20 May 2013

Aquarelle Tuesday 14 May 2013 with Cathie van der Stel

...working in serene concentration during Watercolour Tuesday...
You can almost hear Adèle in the background ☺
Last week's Aquarelle session was hosted by Cathie van der Stel - and as always she has done a great job bringing out everyones talent and enthusiasm - just look at the results of the day! Lots of work in progress, lots of work for our Casablu exhibition, roses, rusty keys and last but not least, the inspiring Subject Du Jour  'the artist palette' (paint the tools that artists use in watercolours... )
Liz' Artist palette - using a Trevanian style for the background
Christiane's work in progress...
Above and below Anna-Karin's subtle flowers  

Agnès' Bubble Boy

The roses in the Hangar are starting to bloom - more inspiration there! Edith and Sandra painted them, both absolutely stunning!

Edith's passionate rose
Sandra's three stages of (a rose's) life

Also by Sandra: 'Rusty Keys'

More Rusty Keys: by Sue

Sue is an amazing dog painter! Consistent quality - love this pup!

Wendy started with a challenge, this painting of the famous Church of Valbonne.
Work in progress - a great start and I can't wait to see the final aquarelle!!

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