Monday, 24 June 2013

Aquarelle - Tuesday from 2 - 4.30pm with Marina Kulik

We used last weeks' Tuesday afternoon to do some research to dewdrops on red fruit. Cherries and tomatoes mostly. It soon became clear that it works best if the dewdrop is slightly lighter than the surface it is on. Paint the dewdrop with clear water on the coloured surface and lift a tiny bit of the paint on one side. Add some extra pigment on the other side. When the drop is dry, add a really dark shadow and scratch a highlight for an amazing effect! The basics in the picture above - and the pictures below show the absolutely stunning results:

Fabulous: Wet Tomato by Agnès

Shiny Cherries by Cathie
(work in progress)

Wet Cherry by Edith
(work in progress)

Kirstie's Hippy Tomato
(work in progress)

 Dewdrops on a rose by Christiane

Rose in progress by Edith 
And then there were 2 subjects outside the dewdrop project:
Transparent bottles by Liz

Van Gogh painting by Brenda

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