Monday, 3 June 2013

Aquarelle Tuesday, 2 - 4.30pm, with Marina Kulik

Last week the aquarellistas divided their time between préparations for our 50x50 expo, and one of the most interesting subjects for a watercolour: Roses...
Beverley brought this gorgeous bunch from her garden:

They looked so fantastic - and they smelled so good - the 'advanced' group couldn't help themselves and painted roses from the bunch all afternoon
Cathie's rose in progress

Mieke's practice rose
 Bev's Rose

NB:There was more excellent work - but somehow the pictures didn't work out!
The other Aquarellistas diligently followed my 'theory bit' about roses, and created the pictures on top of this post! All the same and yet so different ☺
Roses are difficult to paint - but the aquarellista group has tackeled the subject pretty well!!
Other subjects:
Liz's Still life with lemons

'Grandson' - by Brenda

'Market in Valbonne' by Wendy

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